Chapter 85





Gu Jiao and Li Jun stayed in their position for a few more minutes. Gu Jiao is already embarrassed by their position; many onlookers are glancing at them. It is embarrassing enough, but Li Jun still won’t let go until she insists that she will get mad and will not pay attention to him if he doesn’t let go. 

Li Jun is unsatisfied; he is just able to calm himself entirely and is starting to enjoy her warmth when she demands to be let go. 

Looking around, Li Jun gives a menacing glare to the people that keep on staring at them. These people don’t know what is good for them. They keep on irritating me with their glances. Look they even disturb Gu Jiao’s and my intimate moment. Tsk! When his attention is back to his beloved sister, he sees a red-faced Gu Jiao. This sister of his has a really face. People merely glance at them, and she is already this red, but this kind of appearance looks cute and lovely. 

Gu Jiao stands up and drags her brother to find the other two and continue their sightseeing. 

Li Jun is traumatized from the situation before so now he won’t let go of Gu Jiao’s little hand as if afraid that she will reject his touch again. No matter how Gu Jiao struggles or finds a reason for her hand to be released, Li Jun won’t budge. 

They continue their sightseeing with the two of them holding hands. Li Qiang, who is envious when he sees them holding hands, also holds Gu Jiao’s other hand. They end up looking like a small family of three. 

People around them are dazzled these three people’s looks. So beautiful, they are all like immortals, dazzling and shining in broad daylight.

Wang Fang tucks his tail between his legs and runs like a dog who is about to be butchered. He cowardly runs home to soothe his weakened heart. He was truly frightened by what happened. He hopes that the issue would just be let go and would never be brought up ever again in this life. He will bury this incident and bring it to his grave, never to be brought up to his good old friend, Li Jun’s ears. His slip of the tongue about the girlfriend thing is like a taboo now! No! It’s definitely a taboo. Whether or not it was the reason behind Gu Jiao’s behavior a while ago, he won’t gamble with his life and talk about Li Jun’s ex-girlfriend in front of Gu Jiao. He still likes to live; he doesn’t want to waste this pitiful little life he has because of his stupidity lah… And that concludes Wang Fang’s running away from the trouble he caused… ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

The three didn’t pay any attention to Wang Fang anymore and just let him leave. He looked like he was having constipation when he gave his farewell. Gu Jiao pitied him. 

She thought that he had eaten something bad for him to look like that. He was so pale, sweating a lot, and restless. Maybe he just really needed to go home to let it all out comfortably… ರ_ರ

The three just resumed their journey at the zoo.

Gu Jiao is a little uncomfortable. Li Jun has kept a leash on her, or it is the other way around? She doesn’t know if she is being leashed or if she is the one who is holding the leash.

See her big brother is like a lost dog when she tries to free her hand. She is even hallucinating dog ears that are dropping from sadness. 

Seeing that lost look on him doesn’t sit well on Gu Jiao’s conscience. Did she overreact that time? She was just surprised by the discovery and had an involuntary response… Buhuhu… Who should she blame if her brother becomes a dog that will not stop following her? How will she be able to guard her heart if he is like this…. Unfair! So unfair!!! (πーπ)


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  1. It’s getting more interesting. I really like the progress of the story but quite worried that our beloved Li jun getting too possessive. In the previous chapters, they still see each other as siblings (which Im speculating they are not… correct me if Im wrong, my lovely author) so Im quite disturb with their attitude toward each other… So glad that finally, Gu jiao will set something “right”… this will be difficult and Im looking forward on how will she do that. Also, Wang fang is a good candidate for “love rival”, just need some polish with his attitude/character & he will be awesome… Thank you so much for this great novel. God bless…

    1. Haha… Just continue reading and you’ll know… And for the record Wang Fang is not a love rival… He has his own story that you’ll be able to read in the future… 😁

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