Chapter 84




Gu Jiao is in a dilemma. Her and her big mouth, why couldn’t she think of a different reason… D@mn it!

The three pairs of eyes are looking at her waiting for her answer…

Gu Jiao just crosses her fingers and looks around to find a good place to dig a hole to hide in. After this, she doesn’t know how to face these three men ah no, correction, two and a half men(Li Qiang)…

“I… Big Auntie means period…” Gu Jiao talks fast out of embarrassment.

Wang Fang, who still does not understand Gu Jiao, continues to dig a pit: “Period?”

Brother Fang why do you have to continue to dig a big pit for me, can’t you just leave it like that… (☍﹏⁰)。

“Period… My red tide, ok!”

“Red Tide?” now it was her brother Li Qiang who asks, and he is intensely listening…

Gu Jiao is amazed by their ignorance about the opposite gender. Boys you can’t be too ignorant I’ll die of humiliation right now… She wants to cry but lacks the tears…(╥_╥)

“Menstruation… Alright, where the woman bleeds once a month!” Gu Jiao shouted a little too loud, and the passerby hear. When she sees the people looking at her with a strange face, she places it in her hands to cover her reddening face… Buhuhu look what you made me do… Broadcasting to everyone I am on my period…

Wang Fang is stunned for a minute as he processes what Gu Jiao was saying… When the information is interpreted in his mind, Wang Fang, for the first time, feels shy, he could feel his blood rushing towards his cheeks.

“Oh! Ehhh I heard the aunties at home… When you were lethargic last time… So that’s why your mood is in full swing again. They said it was only natural during your period…” Li Qiang, as if he found the real reason, helpfully supplied it to his big brother as if to explain his sister’s odd behavior before…

“….. ” My dearest little brother, can you not say it in a loud voice, your big sister has a thin face… You know… 


Gu Jiao sighs and helplessly nods in agreement to Li Qiang just to not make Li Jun anymore suspicious…

Li Jun, who heard that calms down a little and he unclenches his hand slowly. When Gu Jiao sees that he has loosened his fist, she feels relieved: “Brother, don’t be like this, look you hurt yourself already…”

Gu Jiao takes out the first aid kit that she carries around and carefully touches her brother’s hand. When she is met with no resistance, she cleans it with alcohol-soaked cotton, then wraps it with her handkerchief as the bandaids are too small to cover his wounds.

When she finishes cleaning and dressing his wound, Li Jun, who is just intensely watching her as she takes care of the injury, makes a quick movement. He gets Gu Jiao to sit on his lap.

Wang Fang, who saw him do this ushers Li Qiang away from the two. Li Qiang also feels that he needed to give the two some privacy to talk.

They go to a cafe nearby to wait for Gu Jiao and Li Jun.

The two are left alone on the bench. Good thing their place is under the tree and is shaded by leaves…

They were silent for a few minutes. Gu Jiao lets Li Jun hug her. 

“Don’t ever do that again… Jiao’er don’t ever reject me ok… Big brother doesn’t like it…” Li Jun mumbles on her neck in a low voice. 

“Hmmm” Gu Jiao responded with her fingers crossed behind her back… Sorry big brother but I can’t keep this promise… If in the future you find your most favorite person, my heart won’t be able to take it if I continue this feeling that I have. Avoiding you is the only way for me to survive… 


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