Chapter 83




Gu Jiao took a few more minutes to collect herself before deciding to go out and find them. Her actress battle armor has been equipped, and she is ready to go to war, a war comprised of her feelings for her big brother.

Li Jun is quietly sitting on the bench, waiting for his younger sister. The air around him was stifling.

Wang Fang is being eaten by guilt. Seeing this kind of Li Jun, he is holding his breath the entire time waiting. Praying Gu Jiao just really needed the bathroom and was not affected by what he said a little while ago. 

Even though he doesn’t understand Gu Jiao’s intense reaction, he doesn’t care about that right now. All he cares about right now is that Gu Jiao and Li Jun would become harmonious again… 

He can’t take this kind of Li Jun; he was like a hunter ready to kill any moment if his prey made a single mistake. His eyes are so deep, like an animal that is on brink of losing its sanity. 

Li Qiang is also sitting quietly beside Li Jun. Even if he is a mischievous child, he is sensitive to the feelings of people around him. Right now he knows he can’t misbehave with his big brother like this. He wishes his sister would come quickly or else he will cry. He is scared of this version of his big brother. 

His brother is a silent man but not this silent as if he creates even a small sound; he would be in danger of receiving a punishment. Sister, please make it faster! I’m really going to cry… (T_T)

Li Qiang and Wang Fang saw Gu Jiao coming out and walking in their direction. Li Qiang jumped off of the bench and raced, full throttle, towards his sister. He tackled her waist for comfort; he now feels at ease. 

Gu Jiao was surprised by Li Qiang’s action, when did her little brother become so clingy? 

Gu Jiao reached where Li Jun was sitting. She saw an impossible sight. Li Jun was like a man who was about to attack prey with his eyes that were so cold staring at her; she felt frozen. She got scared. She has never seen this kind of Li Jun; he looks so deadly… 

Gu Jiao, who was fighting her feelings a while ago, was now agitated. Is her big brother like this because of her rejection awhile ago… That… Was unintentional, she never meant for it to be like this… Gu Jiao felt helpless when she saw one of Li Jun’s bloody hand that is clenched tightly on his lap. 

She sighed to calm her beating heart. She made a quick decision; she can’t do what she had planned right now, her brother would suspect it.

She is also not yet ready to separate herself from her brother. She will give herself one last time to be close to him after this vacation, and when she gets home, she will forget her feelings for him and avoid him at all cost.

Gu Jiao determinedly went to sit beside Li Jun. Li Jun was watching her intently, her every action was being observed by him as if one mistake would cost her, her little life.

“Brother, what happen to your hand? Why is it bloody?” Gu Jiao carefully asked him. But Li Jun remained silent and watched her every move.

Gu Jiao straightened her spine. She can’t cower right now her brother wouldn’t hurt her no matter.

“Big brother don’t be like this… I… I just really needed to go to the bathroom because my big auntie came.”

“Big Aunt?” Wang Fang, who was listening intently to Gu Jiao, questioned. He doesn’t understand what she was talking about. Who came? Whose auntie? Ehhh… Does that woman have a sister? Didn’t she only have a brother?

“…..” Ok… Gu Jiao doesn’t know how to explain or more like she doesn’t want to. Looking around her, she realizes that she was the only woman in their group. But what woman is willing to talk about their period with boys. Even though it was not really the reason why she went to the bathroom and the rejection, she really does have her period right now… (つ﹏⊂)


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