Chapter 82




Gu Jiao entered the public toilet and quickly found an empty stall. She closed the door immediately, lowered the lid, and slowly sat on top of the toilet. Her actions were so quick that she looked like she was running for her life. 

While she sat, she blankly stared in front of her for a few minutes before gathering her mind. 

What is happening to her? After hearing about her big brother having a girlfriend, she felt like the whole world was crumbling to ashes. 

She felt betrayed and cheated; now, she is slowly starting to feel the pain inside her heart. It’s as if there is a hand tightly squeezing it. It hurts like hell. 

It hurts more than what she felt before dying in the last life. 

She doesn’t understand why she is feeling this way… She knows that she likes her big brother a lot… But to feel betrayed because he had a girlfriend… Is she in love with her big brother for her to feel like this?

Gu Jiao’s mind was a mess; she can’t make heads or tails with her feelings right now. 

If she really loves her big brother Li Jun, she should stop right now. It is immoral and a sin. They are siblings and it doesn’t matter that her brother pampers her the most and he is her favorite person. 

What would happen to her if she clings to these feelings and her brother finds someone else… What would happen to her then? 

In the future, Li Jun would find someone to settle down with; his heart would belong to someone else. Doesn’t him having a girlfriend proof that he was not an apathetic person without a relationship like she believed him to be in the previous life?

And clearly in the former life, she didn’t know anything regarding Li Jun’s relationships, the only connection they had was being a rival sibling on her part. Li Jun would just ignore her. 

Beside Li Jun was a beautiful man, an immortal like him would have many women that would worship him. 

A sinful romance with her was just wishful thinking. And what would Li Jun even like about her? 

She was a terrible woman in the previous life always making mischief, causing troubles, and only knows how to bring pain to those that truly cared about her. 

Li Jun, in the previous life from her memory, was an untouchable figure with power and influence in his hands. He would sit at the top, and everyone praised him and wanted to curry favor with him… Many women were rumored to be his girlfriend and although Li Jun didn’t admit to anything about those rumors, he also never denied them. 

Did she really fall for her brother? No! This can’t be, she would be running straight to her doom if she ever fell in love with her brother. 

She promised that in this life she would repay those she hurt in the last life, Li Qiang, Father, Grandpa Li, Uncle Gu, and Li Jun, but falling in love was a different matter. She has to take a few steps back from Li Jun and collect her wits. 

She should not forget her goal in this life, she just has to live a peaceful life, merrily and leisurely spending her days in peace not coveting the unattainable. Li Jun’s heart is one she shouldn’t touch. 

If Li Jun really did find his favorite person in the future and that person was jealous of their closeness, wouldn’t she be attracting trouble in this life too? Li Jun was a possessive and protective one. If that girlfriend, lover, wife or whatever you want to call it wants her gone, who would Li Jun choose to support? Of course, it would be his most favorite person. 

She can’t let this happen; it is a path that would doom the nation of her pitiful little life. In this life, if she didn’t smother what she is feeling right now, not only her life would be forfeit but also her heart. 

Right now, she is already in unbearable pain. What would she do if she really saw Li Jun pamper someone else with her own two eyes… Just imagining it is like another death. No! She can’t fall in love with him!

Gu Jiao was running in circles inside her mind, but one thing is for sure she can’t allow herself to fall for her big brother. 


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