Chapter 81


Author: Qiaoyi


Li Jun was stupefied. This is the first time that he isn’t able to pull Gu Jiao out of her stupor. What’s wrong with her? Clearly, there is nothing dangerous here, unlike in the snake cave. There is no predatory animal that would scare her like this. 

Li Jun turned to Wang Fang and asked him with a dangerous air around him:” What happened?” 

Wang Fang wants to dig a hole to hide for his pitiful little life. He never expected that Gu Jiao would react like this. He knows that if he told Li Jun what happened, his life would be miserable. 

He doesn’t want to die yet. He is still too young to die. He looks at the unresponsive Gu Jiao and tries to muster his courage to say something when Li Qiang came running towards them. 

Li Qiang quickly runs to their side when he saw his sister sitting on the floor with a blank look on her face. 

Li Qiang: “Sister, what happened to you…?!” With a worried look on his face, Li Qiang stood in front of Gu Jiao, inserting himself in between Gu Jiao and Li Jun. 

Gu Jiao heard Li Qiang worried voice and slowly regained her senses. When she saw Li Qiang worrying out of his wits, Gu Jiao simply hugs him. 

Li Qiang was in a panic. He has never seen his sister like this; it scared him. When he felt her familiar warmth around him, he felt relieved: “Sister, what’s wrong?” 

Gu Jiao was unable to focus; she also didn’t know what happened to her. She feels like she is in limbo, her whole body felt numb, and she can’t think straight:” Nothing sister was just…” she frowned when she can’t think of any reason for her odd behavior. 

Li Jun, who was worried sick standing behind Li Qiang restlessly, made his way to Gu Jiao: “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Did anything or anyone scare you? Tell big brother what happened, Jiao’er don’t scare me I was calling you for a long time, but you never respond to me.”

Gu Jiao blankly look at Li Jun again, the feelings from before started resurfacing again she frowned, she doesn’t understand what is wrong with her… When she saw the panic-stricken Li Jun, Gu Jiao’s heart squeezed hard. She stood up immediately, took a step back out of Li Jun’s reach:” I… I’m fine… I… just need to go to the toilet…” 

Gu Jiao quickly made her way to the public toilet nearby. The three men were left standing there, stunned. Gu Jiao, for the first time, rejected Li Jun’s touch. 

Li Jun’s heart hurt. He was in so much pain. He retracts his hand and clenches it tightly. His nails are already digging into his flesh, and blood is slowly dripping from the wound. Li Jun felt numb. Even with his injured hand, he doesn’t feel the physical pain, the pain that he felt the most is the pain in his heart. 

Wang Fang retracted his gaze from Gu Jiao’s vanishing figure and looked at his friend beside him. He was shocked to see the pale Li Jun; he felt ashamed for the trouble he caused for his friend. He looked down and accidentally saw Li Jun clenched hand that was already bleeding. Wang Fang felt scared; he subconsciously touched Li Jun’s hand and said: “Li Jun, your hand!” 

It catches Li Qiang attention, he turned to his brother and saw Li Jun’s bloody hand. Li Qiang narrowed his eyes; he doesn’t understand what’s going on. His sister is behaving unnaturally, his big brother is now injured, but the most shocking was his big brother looks so weak that any minute now he would fall over. 

In his memory, until now his big brother was a strong man, always calm and collected… He would never have thought a simple rejection from his sister would make him like this… 

Li Qiang doesn’t know what to do anymore. He tugged Li Jun’s sleeve and pointed a bench nearby: “Let’s wait for sister over there… Big brother don’t worry, maybe big sister is just having a bad day or got scared by something again… Let’s buy her some cakes; she always likes to eat sweets. Big brother, big sister was not intentional maybe she really did just need to go to the toilet immediately…”

Li Qiang was trying to say anything that could make his two favorite people not misunderstand each other. 


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