Chapter 80


Author: Qiaoyi
Editor: Zippy

Wang Fang started walking over to the two playing children. He was smiling sweetly but laughing evilly in his heart. He can’t wait to see what Li Jun would do if his little mistake were ‘accidentally’ mentioned to his beloved sister…

Gu Jiao who was busy playing around sensed that someone was beside her. When she turned she saw Wang Fang beside her smiling. She entertained him by letting him join in on the fun of having a butterfly land on you.

Wang Fang let Gu Jiao do whatever she wants. Then he started making small talk. 

Wang Fang: “Butterflies are really beautiful, aren’t they?” while turning to Gu Jiao. 

Gu Jiao: “Right?! But sadly they only live about two months.” 

Wang Fang “Eh, that’s so sad dying immediately. Tsk! Poor butterfly, don’t worry you are much better flying around me than that Li Jun who broke up with his girlfriend he had for only a week.” sighing lightly while emphasizing some words in his sentences while giving side glances to Gu Jiao watching her reaction. 

Gu Jiao’s ears rang from what she heard from Wang Fang… Did he just say, girl… Girlfriend?! When? How? (◯Δ◯∥)

For the second time today Gu Jiao’s soul flew away. After a few turnings of pages in her vocabulary system in her mind. Her mind read out loud what a girlfriend is. 

Girlfriend – a person’s regular female companion with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship. (by dictionary opinion) 

– a female who you love, admire, respect, and desire to be with; a girl who makes you laugh, smile and realize what true happiness is; your perfect match; a girl who goes from best friend, to teammates , to partner in crime all in one day; a woman who brings out the best in you; your favorite lady (urban dictionary) 

– someone who you kiss, hug, pamper and spoil, takes to vacation, you buy things, you like, and your most favorite person…. (in Gu Jiao’s mind) 

Gu Jiao turned to Li Jun, who was busy typing on his phone, is he texting his most favorite person… Eh I’m not big brother’s favorite anymore? Gu Jiao tilt her head on one side with a blank look on her face. She doesn’t know what to feel right now. 

After hearing that word from Wang Fang’s mouth and connecting them in one sentence… Girlfriend and Li Jun combined… Her whole world stopped, she felt numb; she just stood in her spot for a long time while looking at Li Jun’s busy figure. 

Her mind wouldn’t function no matter what.. It keeps on repeating the words… Girlfriend and Li Jun all over again…

Wang Fang continues to say what not about Li Jun’s relationship with his girlfriend that didn’t last a day… Wang Fang wasn’t aware that Gu Jiao was now in her own little mind running around in circles… 

When he became aware of it, he was already too late Gu Jiao swayed and fell on her butt; she remained sitting on the floor with a dazed look. 

Gu Jiao felt weak in her knees; she then gave up trying to stand on her increasingly weak knees. She ended up sitting on the floor. Her mind was still blank and wouldn’t function. She can’t hear Wang Fang calling her again and again. She was just sitting there looking in front and not moving at all. 

Wang Fang got scared when Gu Jiao wasn’t responding to his calls, he was already shaking her on her shoulder really hard. Wang Fang didn’t know what to do and called for help… 

He turned to Li Jun, who was now talking on the phone; he shouted to get his attention. When he got Li Jun’s attention, and this was the image he saw. 

Li Jun narrowed his eyes when he saw his little sister’s, for the second time today, lifeless body, but he got the feeling that she was in a worse state than before. 

Li Jun immediately ran to their side and knelt beside her.


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