Chapter 8


The old steward upon seeing the matter getting out of hand offered to settle the matter. And ushered the two inside the house.

The steward shook his head looking at the back of Gu Fan, the new mistress has a big attitude: “Master Li, what should be done now?”

Grandfather Li was naturally the head of the family: “What more can be done? Li Cheng wanted to marry no matter what, and argued so stiffly with me, we’ll talk after the child was settled.”

Gu Fan naturally was not a short-tempered person, she had things prepared at her fingertips early on, she raised her head, and brought Gu Jiao in to the living room. Gu Fan was very unsatisfied with this, yet deliberately pretended to look heartbroken facade.

Li Cheng had been waiting here since early on, seeing Gu Fan aggrieved look he furrow his brow: “You’re here.”

Li Cheng then look at his daughter and smiled. Gu Jiao being a shy child, shyly went to Li Cheng: “Daddy!”

“Don’t be shy and give a father a hug!” Li Cheng then went to his daughter and embrace her.

Li Jun just happened to go down stop in his track, standing at the stairway on the second floor, his gaze flashed. Li Jun hesitated to go down. Another person came down from upstairs, wearing leisure clothes, Li Jun took two steps towards him and helped the senior: “Grandpa.”

Li Wei was about sixty years old, he had heart disease, he went up through the elevator at the back, washed his hands, and changed his clothes before he came out. Seeing Li Jun along the way.

“Mm, why aren’t you going down?”

“I don’t want to disturb dad.”

Li Wei lifted his brow in a questioning manner: “Good child! Let’s go down and welcome your younger sister!”

And it was Li Jun’s term to lift furrow his brow and look at the old man in a questioning manner. The old man then returns a mysterious smile.

The old man had an extraordinary air, steady pace, the hair on his head above his temples were going white, his gaze was sharp, with the gaze from his one eye he could make people feel his pressure.

Li Cheng seeing the people approaching them called out: “Father, Xiao Jun!” greeting them in an enthusiastic manner ushered the child in his embrace:” Dad, this is Gu Jiao, Jiao’er that is your grandfather, Li Wei. Go and greet him properly.!”

“Hello grandpa! I’m Jiao’er…. Hi Jun gege! I remember you!”

Li Jun curved the edge of his mouth on a once in a thousand chance, fleetingly: “You’re pretty good.”

“You’re pretty good too!” and then she didn’t forget to smile cutely to his big brother…

“What a clever girl! Li Jun you’ve grown up sensible and modest, child!” Li Cheng tone of speech was gentle and got gentler upon the latter, and he would even lower his stance.

Gu Fan suffered immensely inside her heart, damn child, you can still take the limelight? Nasty brat wait for me to take care of you!

Just like that, a big family had a happy atmosphere, only Gu Fan nearly died from anger again.

Old people enjoyed peace and quiet when they are old, there is a small villa at the back that belonged to him, undisturbed.

The top floor is Li Cheng’s territory, there is a bedroom, a study, a gym, and so on. Then there’s an added residence which is Gu Fan. Taking the room just beside the master’s bedroom. Being not able to join Li Cheng on the master’s bedroom put her more in a sour mood. Isn’t this a face-slapping? Married couple who don’t share a room too absurd! How would I get pregnant if it’s like this!

Gu Jiao had also been oppressed by Li Jun, the second floor’s master bedroom belonged to Li Jun, the room beside is Gu Jiao’s, there wasn’t even a study. But there is a connecting door to Li Jun’s room. In the previous life Gu Jiao didn’t know the purpose of this door and until now she was still skeptical, but she will use this door to her advantage… My golden fat thigh is in the other side… fufufufu (ᗒᗨᗕ)

They ate together at night, the old man sitting at the head chair to his left-hand side is Li Cheng, Gu Fan, right hand side is Li Jun, Gu Jiao.

Gu Jiao wanted to get closer to Li Jun, but the time is not right, her gaze flashed, there will be a chance she just has to take it step by step!!

Following the flow of time, the sky dimmed, and a growl of thunder ensued next…. Gu Jiao upon hearing this smiled proudly and open the adjoining door on Li Jun’s side while hugging a big pillow.


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