Chapter 8 Part 3

Cat Night Visit Part 3


“This is not for you.” Mo Jian Chen’s answer can’t be anymore clear: must go.


The night gradually deepened, and Gu Yi Ning was alone in the pavilion. When she was sitting on the bed and preparing to rest, the door was pushed open.

It’s not someone else at the door, it’s Mo Jian Chen.

What’s he doing here?

Gu Yi Ning was watching Mo Jian Chen, she bounced out of the bed with vigilance: “What are you doing here? “

“Here is the Eight Prince Wangfu, can’t this Prince come in?”Asked Mo Jian Chen, indifferent.

“This is Zhi Yuan Pavilion, and no one can come in without my permission.” Gu Yi Ning firmly looked at Mo Jian Chen, a look of death.

Mo Jian Chen slightly squinted and narrowed his eyes, this guy, think of him as a wolves, tigers and panthers, wouldn’t she?

[jackals, wolves, tigers and panthers – fierce and cruel people]

“You owe this Prince once, on our wedding night, have you forgotten? “

“Is there? “Gu Yi Ning deliberately pretended to be silly, watching Mo Jian Chen closed the door and was approaching her, she subconsciously dodged Mo Jian Chen,” I am not well today, can not serve you right now, you go and find others! “

“Others?” Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning with great interest. This girl was really different. Others are doing everything possible to climb into his bed, and she is just doing everything possible to try to kick him out of bed.”

“Yeah! You are going to your Jing Ya Ge, you can’t go to Yun Xiang Qi!” Gu Yi Ning’s little hand caught the shoulders of Mo Jian Chen’s, forced his body to turn over and pushed him step by step. At the door, “In short, I don’t welcome you here tonight.”

Unexpectedly, Mo Jian Chen stopped suddenly, and he refused to bulge from Gu Yi Ning’s pushing.

This girl, the courage is quite big, not only never properly called him, and now dare to drive him out of the pavilion? Then what about the face of this eight Prince?

“You just don’t want to see this Prince?” Mo Jian Chen snapped.

This question, Gu Yi Ning couldn’t help but tremble, she seems to have done a big stupid thing – the person in front of her is not an ordinary person, it is eight Prince ah ……


“No problem.” To her surprise, Mo Jian Chen was not so angry, and after he finished, he walked out of the Zhi Yuan Pavilion.

After closing the door, Gu Yi Ning sneaked to the bedside, Is it really okay for her to do this?

“Meow ~”

Just as she was thinking of it, a milky cat’s cry caught her attention, followed by a good-looking cat. The cat went straight towards her, jumped lightly on her bed, and rubbed gently on her.

Gu Yi Ning carefully picked up the cat, her eyes filled with tenderness and affection: “It’s really a little cute. Where did you come from?”

“Meow ~” the cat let out milky cry, as if in response to her words.

Gu Yining looked at the cat in her arms. This cat is really good. If it stay with other cats, it will be the one that stands out. A clean hair, and the eyes of the clear water, really beautiful, and the pattern on the claws, is actually a pattern of the moon.

“Are you here to sleep with me?” Gu Yi Ning continued to ask.

Who expected, the cat and “Meow” sound, as if to understand what she just said, this sound, called her heart all the way …

Gu Yi Ning change her clothes and hid in the quilt. The cat followed her into the quilt and snuggled up beside her.

“Bang–” in the early spring, it began to thunder and lightning sound can be heard outside, but with the company of this kitten, she did not have the previous cold and fear. Soon, she went to sleep.

In the dream, there is a vast darkness, and she is running in the dark, as if she wants to escape this darkness.

“Gu Yi Ning.” A distant and ethereal call called her.

“Who are you?!” Gu Yi Ning stopped and asked with vigilance.

“You don’t have to know who I am.” The mysterious voice was passed into her ears.

“Where am I?” Gu Yi Ning looked around.

“You are in the place where you should stay, don’t rush to find the exit, settle and be safe, you come here because you have a task you should complete, then, you will end this journey, how you come, you will go.”

“What mission?” Gu Yi Ning asked nervously.


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