Chapter 8 Part 2

Cat Night Visit Part 2


After returning to the original position, Gu Yi Ning subconsciously grabbed her small mouth, blushing and cautiously watching the side of Mo Jian Chen body, don’t wake up…!

“Is this Prince so beautiful?” Mo Jian Chen gradually opened his eyes and turned to look at Gu Yi Ning.

Gu Yi Ning nodded honestly and then soon shook her head like a rattle: “I didn’t look at you…”

“Do you think that this Prince did not hear what you just said?” Mo gradually calmly spit the words.

“Did you hear it? “Gu Yi Ning asked.

“Don’t play silly with this prince.” Mo Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly became sharp.

“This Prince asks you, what is modern times? Also, what is the little fan girls?” Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning in doubt. Since she married into the eight Wangfu, he felt that this woman was strange, and today said so many strange words.

How this should be explained with Mo Jian Chen … Explained that she also can not understand, what if it she was burned as a demon girl?

“Who are you?” Mo Jian Chen’s voice rang again in his ear, serious and full of gas, so that her thin body could not help but tremble.

“I am who I am…” Gu Yi Ning timidly looked at Mo Jian Chen, “not the same fireworks…”

? ? ?

Mo gradually wrinkled his eyebrows slightly, what is this person doing?

“This prince has no time to laugh with you, who are you?” Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning, and his eyes were more vigilant and angry.

“I …” Gu Yi Ning was shocked by Mo Jian Chen powerful air field. She didn’t dare for a moment dare explain, “I am Gu Yi Ning right ah … You…… If the Prince feels I am strange, there is no way, after all, I was sent to the Eight Prince House after being stunned by a stick on the wedding day… Probably turns abnormal after being hit…?”

Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning, for a long time, he spit out a few words in a cold voice: “This Wang Ye will believe you once, if you are discovered by this Prince that you are cheating on the prince then this prince will not be polite with you.”

“I Dare not, dare not! “Gu Yi Ning looked away with some guilt, as if afraid of being seen by Mo Jian Chen.”

“Tomorrow with this Prince go to the palace.” Mo Jian Chen’s voice floated leisurely into the ears of Gu Yi Ning.

what? Gu Yi Ning looked incredulously, back to the palace? Wouldn’t that be to see the Emperor’s of today? And the Empress, and the Empress Dowager? Thinking about it, Gu Yi Ning couldn’t help but shudder, just before… She just heard it wrong, didn’t she?

“Where to go?” Gu Yi Ning deliberately asked again, pretending that she did not hear clearly.

“You just didn’t listen to this Prince’s speech?” Mo Jian Chen asked coldly.

“I…you…” Gu Yi Ning was scared for a moment, and she cleared her throat a little. “Are you teasing me?”

“Why should this Prince tease you?” Mo Jian Chen asked.

“Back to the palace?” Gu Yi Ning asked carefully, as if to confirm something.

Seeing that you can’t talk back, it’s probably the right…

“Can I Not go?” Gu Yi Ning said with conviction, she did not understand the complex etiquette of the ancient times, let alone to see the Emperor of this country. If she made a mistake, it will be miserable. She is still young, she don’t want to die so early.

“This is not for you.” Mo Jian Chen’s answer can’t be anymore clear: must go.


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