Chapter 8 Part 1

Cat Night Visit Part 1


At the end of the song, Gu Yi Ning took a back after the dance steps finish, and the air around her fell into silence again. If everyone was intoxicated with the wonderful performance, it would be better to say that everyone was stunned by  Gu Yi Ning’s Dance.

Mrs. Gu looked at Gu Yi Ning with a stunned look, and her chin was falling to the ground. This daughter has never been exposed to dance since she was a child, but now she is so beautiful. It is better to say that she has changed from a different person instead of marrying.

“Miss …” the maid on the side was also stunned, and after so many years with Gu Yi Ning, she had never seen her dance, but now …

Gu Yi Ning looked around at everyone, except for the face of Mo Jian Chen’s face that was calm as water, others were full of astonishment. At this moment, she did not know how to ease the current embarrassment.

“This little girl is not talented, let everyone see a joke.” Gu Yi Ning made a pair of knowledgeable appearance, and bow slightly.

She don’t know if she is scared everyone, or everyone hasn’t came back down from the dance just now. After her voice falls, it was still mysterious and quiet.

Embarrassment, in addition to embarrassment it is also awkward, the people around you are frozen, as if you want to say something, but you can’t say it.

Suddenly, a burst of applause ripped open the quiet and awkward atmosphere – Mo Jian Chen.

“Good!” Mo gradually slammed his palms and looked at Gu Yi Ning in front of him. ” Did not expect my Fei to have such talent. “

[Fei – Imperial Concubine]

There are deep eyes and stunned eyes in front of Gu Yi Ning,  looking at her. At this moment, she was like a mysterious tulle. It was so incomprehensible and let a person can not see through. Why did Gu Yi Ning, who was standing in front of him now, and Gu Yi Ning, whom others had known before are very different? What is the reason for a person to have such a big change? Who is she?

Or to say … She’s not Gu Yi Ning at all?

After lunch, Gu Yi Ning and Mo Jian Chen set foot to return home. Gu Yi Ning followed Mo Jian Chen on the back of the carriage, when they got into the carriage, Mo Jian Chen began to close his eyes.

The carriage was bumpy all the way, the carriage was very quiet, so quiet that Gu Yi Ning felt a little bored. Turning around, inadvertently saw the side of  Mo Jian Chen’s body, but it was such a glance that it made it difficult for her to look away again.

The long eyelashes gently covered his white cheeks, his upright nose, and his thin, rosy lips, and closer, as if he could see the little fluff on his face.

“It’s too enchanting …” Gu Yi Ning whispered, “If in modern times, how many little fan girls are going to be obsessed with you…”

Just when she was fascinated, the carriage jerked a bump, Gu Yi Ning center of gravity became unstable, then rushed past to Mo Jian Chen, small mouth skimming to Mo Jian Chen’s soft side face.

After returning to the original position, Gu Yi Ning subconsciously grabbed her small mouth, blushing and cautiously watching the side of Mo Jian Chen body, don’t wake up…!

“Is this Prince so beautiful?” Mo Jian Chen gradually opened his eyes and turned to look at Gu Yi Ning.


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