Chapter 79



Wang Fang immediately left everything on his table ran out of his office. He left a message with his secretary that he was going out for the rest of the day and asked her to clear the rest of his schedule. He quickly went into his car and drove to the zoo where his good old friend was. 

Humph just wait and see my dear friend, revenge is best served cold. Just wait for me… Bwahahaha… o(`ω´*)o


Li Qiang was satisfied to pull someone over to share his misery. He turned again to the two people who are busy in their own world and just gave a helpless sigh. He prayed that brother Wang Fang get here fast… 

Now he knows what it’s like being a third wheel, this whole week with them was fun and enjoyable, but sometimes these two forget they have a little brother to take care of. 

Wang Fang raced many red lights just to get there faster. He wants to reprimand Li Jun for being too busy that he forgot he has a friend like him! Sometimes, even if they were best of friends, bros for life and sworn brothers, he wants just to punch him in his gut. Tsk… Let’s wait and see I got a lot of things to tell your beloved sister… Tsk tsk tsk… I’ll have the last laugh of victory… Mwahahaha… 

Wang Fang got there exactly around 2 pm after the three went to take a look at the birds’ garden, where they got to feed the doves with bread crumbs. 

Wang Fang saw them immediately after they left out of the enclosure. Li Jun frowned when he saw Wang Fang, while Gu Jiao was surprised. She didn’t expect to bump to Wang Fang here. 

Gu Jiao: “What a coincidence seeing you here big brother Fang…” waving at Wang Fang and said a cheerful greeting. 

Wang Fang smiled softly at Gu Jiao told her that Li Qiang invited him here while giving an infuriated glare at Li Jun as if saying you b@stard other people have the generosity to invite me, but you, my dear old friend didn’t… 

Gu Jiao entertained Wang Fang after he joined their group. They proceeded to the Orchidarium center that has lots of delicate butterflies. Li Qiang and Gu Jiao were fascinated with the different colors and patterns on the butterflies’ wings. They enthusiastically let the butterfly land on them. The two siblings also took lots of pictures and sent them to their father. They were forgetting that their father would cough blood from envy. 

Li Cheng who is sitting in the office heard a ding indicating an incoming message, looking on his phone he saw pictures of his two children enjoying their time with butterflies. His face turns gloomy; he also wants to tour around with them. His poor soul, these children were intentionally killing him with envy, Li Cheng reacted petty and childish for the first time in his life and unreasonably blocked his youngest son and daughter on his contact list for the day. He sent a message to Li Jun to give him a call if there is an emergency, telling him he blocked the other two from his phone for a day. 

Wang Fang who was beside Li Jun curiously looked at the message with Li Cheng; when Wang Fang saw the text he couldn’t believe it, this family’s pettiness runs so deep in their bones. 

Wang Fang was making a strange expression; he couldn’t quite express what he wants to say or what he feels right now. In the end, he just shrugged his shoulders. It was not his problem when someone blocked someone else on his list. Tsk. Let’s just focus on his own pettiness… His revenge for Li Jun’s betrayal to their friendship…. Bwahaha. 


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