Chapter 78



…. When Gu Jiao calmed down, the three started eating. Gu Jiao was still in Li Jun’s lap even after they finish eating. 

Li Qiang who was restless asked her what got her so upset. Gu Jiao told him what she saw. Li Qiang cringed, his sister definitely got scared because she saw one of her kind get eaten in front of her, Li Qiang thought while looking at the rabbit ears hairband on top of his sister’s head. He gave a nod of agreement with his conclusion. Well, who wouldn’t get scared if they saw something like that? He lamented in his heart while giving weird glances at the rabbit ears, especially if it was your kind. 

After eating, the three rested at a nearby ice cream parlor. It made our little Gu Jiao forgot about what just happened. A single ice cream cone and she bounced back to life. Li Qiang happily eats his ice cream, while male god Li Jun just sits there and watches them. He is not a fan of sweets after all. 

Gu Jiao noticed that her big brother didn’t get anything to eat; she also knows that he really doesn’t like sweets. She had an idea. She scooped a spoonful of ice cream and offered it to her brother. Li Jun was a little surprised at the cold treat that suddenly appeared in front of him. He frowned and looked up at the owner of the hands when he saw his sister’s anticipating look he couldn’t reject it. Even though he’s uncomfortable eating sweets if his sister offers it, he can’t hurt her delicate feelings by refusing her. She had just stopped crying what if she cried again. He can’t have that; it was hard coaxing her to stop. Even though he likes the process of coaxing, he doesn’t like her crying. It gave him a suffocating feeling. 

Li Jun was thinking deeply but looking up at those huge cute begging eyes that looked like a cat he just sighed then leaned in and opened his mouth. When the cold creamy and sweet tasting ice cream touched his taste buds, he frowned again, but he saw Gu Jiao happy smile the uncomfortable feeling was gone and the ice cream now tasted a little nice. 

Li Qiang was observing them. He shakes his head pulls his phone out and called someone. 

Li Qiang: “Hello Big Brother Fang?” 

Wang Fang: “Hello little man don you need anything?” 

Li Qiang: “Are you busy right now? Just want to invite you to the tour. We’re in the zoo right now.” 

Wang Fang who was busy with lots of paper in the office immediately stood up. He is so busy since Li Jun dumped his work onto his desk. Li Jun used an excuse saying he was busy with other matters! Wang Fang who was tired just learned that the d@mn b@stard just accompanied his sister to play. ┻━┻ミ\(≧ロ≦\)

Wang Fang: “Is your big brother with you? What is he doing right now?” 

Li Qiang gave a finishing blow on Wang Fang: “He is eating ice cream… Big sister fed him.” 

Wang Fang mouth and forehead was twitching. That d@mn Li Jun said he was BUSY!!! Now he knows that he’s busy playing with his sister while he was dumped in their office to do the paperwork that Li Jun is supposed to be doing! Wang Fang wants to flip the table in front of him that’s full of the paperwork. 

He thought that it should be “bros before hoes,” he should have known better. Nothing comes before Gu Jiao in Li Jun’s mind. 


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