Chapter 77


Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

After visiting the snake house Li Jun looks at his watch and frowns, they should eat now it is already lunchtime. He ushers the two into a restaurant.

Gu Jiao is still in a daze; the two of them aren’t aware of her unusual behavior. She is still stiff as a robot, moving without her soul.

Inside the restaurant, Li Jun requests a private room for them. He doesn’t like to eat with lots of people around. While ordering Li Qiang is the one who takes charge, he orders almost everything on the special menu. When the waiter walks away, Li Jun notices that something is not right.

When they eat outside, usually it is Gu Jiao who orders, and she will thoroughly check the food that they serve. He turns to look at his beloved baby sister. Li Jun narrows his eyes.

He sees Gu Jiao is pale and doesn’t have any more color on her face. She is staring blankly into space; her lips are also pale and trembling. Li Jun immediately stands up and goes to her side.

Li Jun: “Princess what’s wrong?!”

Li Jun’s voice awakens Gu Jiao from her daze and she turns to him. Li Jun sees that her face is pale and her eyes are huge and lifeless. His heart squeezes. Gu Jiao looks terrible. Li Jun hoists her up, sits in her chair, and puts her on his lap. He started patting her back in panic.

Gu Jiao who feels the familiar warmth wakes up. Then her whole body starts trembling, and her tear glands started pouring out water.

Li Jun is alarmed when he hears her sob; Li Qiang is stunned. What happened to his sister? She was just fine a while ago. He jumps out of his chair then runs over to Li Jun and Gu Jiao’s side.

Li Qiang: “Sister who bullied you!? Tell me? I’ll take revenge for you…” restlessly surround them. 

The two brothers don’t know what to do because Gu Jiao is continuously crying. Li Jun doesn’t know how to coax Gu Jiao to stop crying.

Gu Jiao is now mumbling things like the snake eating a poor bubbly rabbit, the rabbit was twitching before dying and what not… Li Jun understood the gist of it.

He had taken his eyes off of her, and now she is like this, really how can he keep her safe. Maybe he needs a dog leash to attach her to his hip for the rest of her life. Look away for a second, and she is scared silly by a snake eating its prey. Li Jun sighs and relaxes, this sister of his is already so old but is still easily terrified by things that happen in nature often. 

Li Jun continues coaxing her by patting her back. He lifts her face and wipes the tears streaming down her cheeks. Li Qiang is listless and was running around from left to right. He is already dizzy from doing that.

When he gets tired, he returns to his seat and sits down, staring intently at the two sitting in front of him. He gets irritated, then he drags his seat to their side and sits down again. He is now close enough and is watching his big brother coax his sister by patting her back, kissing her cheeks, wiping her tears, ehh his brother is even licking his sister’s cheek, does that even work? (゚д゚;)

Gu Jiao stopped crying after some time; she is hiccupping after crying.

Then there is a knock on the door. The food is now ready to be brought in. The waitress walks in and serves them their food. 


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