Chapter 76


Author: Qiaoyi

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Li Qiang’s, who hears the trainer, face turns black, and Gu Jiao’s temper explodes! Li Jun sees that things are getting out of hand. He sees that Gu Jiao is turning into the upgraded version of a mother hen. 

He immediately lifts her into his arms then picks up Li Qiang who is standing there dumbfounded by his sister’s battle-ready look to attack the monkey. 

Li Jun brings them to the bench a block away from the venue and sets them down onto it. 

The whole crowd is stunned again. As they were busy cheering, the stars of the show just disappeared from their sight like a hurricane. Their fun was short lived. 

Li Qiang is sitting on the bench and sighs from relief. They got away from the humiliating incident. 

Gu Jiao is still fuming and is ready to go back and find trouble. Li Jun is able to read what she wants to do and he lifts her and sits her on his lap. Then he starts kissing her all over her face coaxing her not to be angry anymore. 

Gu Jiao was stunned by Li Jun’s action… Her anger instantly disappears, and she is left dazed. Her brother is really amazing; he is great at stunning her all the time. 

Li Qiang lets out a sigh of relief. He never knew that his big sister is a battle-ready mother hen and when provoked will attack anyone in her way. But the most amazing thing is his big brother who doesn’t need to lift a single finger to quell his sister’s temper. Just a kiss on the cheek and it works like a flood stops a raging fire. 

Li Qiang wants to try his brother’s method, so he stands on the bench and goes over to them, he holds out his two small hands then cups Gu Jiao’s cheeks and leans in tto give his sister a loud smack on the cheek. 

Gu Jiao is surprised, but when she sees it is Li Qiang, she laughs at her cute brother’s antics. 

Li Jun, who saw the whole thing, is gloomy, this d@mn brat is starting to provoke him again. Tsk!


The three start roaming around again. They decide to go to the Snake House. Li Qiang is so scared when a trainer asks if he wants to touch the slimy and cold snake. At first, Li Qiang doesn’t mind it, but when the snake is in his hand and he feels the cold and slimy scales of the snake, he feels uncomfortable. Then the snake starts to wrap around him, and the snake’s whole body is tightening its grip around his arm, he starts panicking and calling for his brother Li Jun. 

Gu Jiao is clutching Li Jun’s arm the whole time after entering the snake house. Although most of the snakes are inside the glass cave, she is still scared, she tries looking at one but when she does, unfortunately for her, it is its eating time. She sees something that incites her fear of snakes. 

She sees the d@mn thing wrap itself around a rabbit, then bite it. The rabbit struggles in the snake’s grip until it could only tremble until it died. She watches as the snake slowly swallows the whole thing. Gu Jiao stands frozen in place with her eyes so wide that they look like they are about to fall out of their sockets. 

Her body starts trembling; the poor rabbit has been eaten; that’s the only thing that is repeating in her mind. Her scalp is numb from fear; she is scared silly by the snake; she turns and starts walking in Li Jun’s direction, walking so stiffly she might as well be a robot. 

Li Jun is busy calming down the little boy: “don’t panic… It will wrap more tightly around you.”

Li Qiang tries to calm himself down, then the trainer starts unwrapping the snake from around his arm. Li Qiang who was scared starts to regain his courage again. He thinks brother is really amazing! I need to be like him, calm and collected all the time. Look, he just says one phrase and I’m already safe. He didn’t get scared even with the scary snake. Brother I bow to your greatness! _○/|_


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