Chapter 75


Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

Gu Jiao who is in the audience is shocked by what is happening. Her eyes are bulging out of her face. They are about to fall right out of their sockets.Σ(゜ロ゜;) 

Ehh…. Is she seeing things? Is that monkey bullying her brother?! (*〇□〇)……!

Look Li Qiang is giving her a blaming look…. And he is about to cry! That dumb monkey is bullying my brother, wait let me go there and discipline you!

Gu Jiao runs towards the stage to fight the monkey. When she reaches the stage, she immediately goes to her little brother’s side. 

Li Jun is following behind her; he immediately stands up after seeing the murderous look on Gu Jiao’s face. He shakes his head and looks at the boy on the stage fighting a monkey. 

He follows the bouncing rabbit in front of him who’s ready to attack like a mother hen. 

Gu Jiao is already reprimanding the panicking host. She is also pulling the monkey away from Li Qiang. 

The audience is stunned at what is happening on stage. They haven’t reacted yet, and Gu Jiao is already on the stage wrestling with the monkey. 

Li Qiang is now crying his lungs out; the dumb monkey won’t let go of him. He wants to get scissors and cut the stupid monkey’s hand. Another professional trainer gets closer to Li Qiang and tries to coax the monkey to let go. 

Li Jun just stays behind Gu Jiao supervising her, as long as she is not hurt he won’t make a move and will watch the whole spectacle. 

Li Qiang is slapping the monkey’s hand, but the monkey wouldn’t let go no matter what. Gu Jiao is already holding the monkey’s waist and is pulling it away from Li Qiang but the dumb monkey is really stubborn. 

The trainer is panicking about who to help, is it the monkey or the boy or the woman… He is getting from dizzy turning his head from left to right. 

The host is frozen and doesn’t know what to do anymore. At long last, the kids from the audience start cheering their respected bet. Others begin cheering for the monkey, others are on Li Qiang’s side, while the rest are for Gu Jiao. 

The adults look at each other and started cheering too. The whole show begins to look like a wrestling show. Everyone is already standing on their seats to cheer. 

When the monkey finally releases Li Qiang, he turns to hug Gu Jiao like a koala. Li Jun who has been keeping to himself gives off a dangerous aura, he slowly makes his way to Gu Jiao’s back and gives the monkey an intense glare. 

The monkey senses a dangerous aura coming his way it lifted his head and stares straight into Li Jun’s eyes. The monkey immediately lets go and runs towards its owner pointing at Li Jun making a gibberish sound. 

Gu Jiao who is in a hot temper stomped in the monkey’s direction and stands in a proud stance. Li Jun is behind her giving a dangerous look in his eyes as if daring the monkey to fight. 

Li Qiang who came to his senses wants to dig a hole and hide there in embarrassment. Stupid monkey for humiliating him, no more giving his sister some face look where it got him. 

His handsome face is lost to all these people. Look, there are even some cute girls in the audience. Tsk tsk! Dumb monkey! Stupid monkey! 

Gu Jiao is giving the monkey the scolding of his life along with the trainer. 

The trainer who was frozen in his place is able to regain some of his wits; he told Gu Jiao that the monkey is a female and maybe had fallen for Li Qiang’s handsomeness. 


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