Chapter 74


Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

The next stop is the animal show. They are watching animals do small tricks; a monkey is shooting a ball on a mini basketball court. The monkey is so cute that Gu Jiao enjoyed cheering for it. Li Qiang is bored; he didn’t really enjoy the show. It is just a childish trick; he would rather visit the ferocious tiger. The staff said they ride a jeep that enters the tiger cage. They allow the others guest to offer food through a small opening of the jeep and he wants to try that. His sister, however, insists they should watch this show first.

And his big brother just agreed with her! Tsk… Such a slave so he just humors his sister in watching the show, looking to the side he sees his brother watching his sister intently, his mouth is left hanging. He copies his brother and looks at his sister to see what his big brother so fascinated with. 

Li Qiang is now enjoying himself. Now he understands why his brother watches his sister. She looks like a tv full of emotions showing on her face. It’s much more entertaining to watch her than the show. Look she is even waving her hands in the air out of excitement! 

When it comes time to request a volunteer from the audience to help perform a trick, Gu Jiao, who is a petty person, thinks of an idea. She raises her hand and volunteers Li Qiang. Li Qiang is in a daze and doesn’t know what is happening. 

When his sister indicates that he should stand up he thinks that they are leaving, but who would have thought that the host has already moved beside him, takes his hand, and quickly ushers him onto the stage. 

Li Qiang narrows his eyes, and he kept glancing in his siblings’ direction and with a questioning face. What’s going on? 

Gu Jiao is waving at Li Qiang and giving him an innocent smile. Li Jun just looked at Li Qiang seeming to say go along with it, and he nodded as a salute. 

Li Qiang is now on the stage facing the monkey. He glares at it like they are sworn enemies. The monkey is also looking at him intently while tilting its head on the side. The two enter a staring contest. 

Li Qiang face is gloomy. He never thought his sister would sell him to a monkey. If only he didn’t love his sister dearly; he wouldn’t give her any face and would just leave the show. But even if he tries to leave the show, his lovestruck big brother definitely wouldn’t allow it. Li Qiang is really pitiful having siblings like them. (;へ:)

Li Qiang just embraces the embarrassment he is feeling now; he feels like a clown in front of this crowd.

When the host starts the show, he instructs Li Qiang to play catch with the monkey. Li Qiang face turns gloomier, thinking this host is turning this monkey into a dog, is a monkey supposed to play catch? Humph stupid host, even if Li Qiang is lamenting in his heart, he still participated. Looking at the satisfied look on his sister’s face, he just gives a sigh of helplessness. He’ll just pretend to get along with the monkey for the pettiness of his sister… 

After playing catch with the monkey, the host then instructs Li Qiang to shake hands and hug the monkey. Li Qiang face turned sour; he doesn’t want to! That’s just so…. 

Gu Jiao, who is an encouraging sister, urges him to go with the flow and just do it… Li Qiang who doesn’t want to lose face hugs the monkey with a strange face. ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

He’ll make his sister pay for this he swears. He narrows his eyes while scolding in his heart. 

Suddenly he feels a hard tug on his hair; the stupid monkey is grabbing his hair so hard! Li Qiang scalp felt painful. 


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