Chapter 73


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Li Jun, at last, purchased their tickets to the zoo. He ushers them inside. They buy some drinking water first before starting their long walking trip. Li Jun got them a map to map out the places they wanted to see.

Li Qiang chose their first stop which was to feed a big elephant. The zoo allows the visitors to feed the harmless animals, like the elephant, giraffe, rabbits and other friendly animals.

Li Qiang and Gu Jiao bought some fruits for the animals. At first Li Qiang was scared seeing the gigantic animals, he quickly hid behind Li Jun’s leg. Even his sister ran behind Li Jun when the elephant raised his trunk to get the food from her hand.

The two of them peeked out from behind Li Jun when he raised his hand to offer the banana he held. Then the two hid again when the elephant trumpeted.

Li Jun was amazed at the two cowardly ostriches behind him. He was enjoying their antics peeking and hiding every time the elephant raises his trunk.

The three visited the next animal which was the giraffe. Li Qiang gained some courage when his brother helped him feed the giraffe by holding his hands and lifting him onto his shoulders. He enjoyed feeding the giraffe that kept bending its neck to reach the food. Gu Jiao was still hiding on Li Jun’s side clutching his arms tightly to her bosom.

Li Jun was enjoying Gu Jiao’s scared figure. His sister was really cowardly. Look even Li Qiang, who was a small child, beat her on feeding the gentle animals. Tsk tsk tsk… He really can’t leave her alone for a minute; he would die worrying for her.

They moved to the next enclosure which is feeding and hugging small rabbits, Li Qiang was unsatisfied and wants to move to the next stop. After all, he was a young man who just found the courage to face and touch big gigantic things, though it was all thanks to his big brother.

But Gu Jiao who was scared of big animals has found her heaven with the fluffy things lying and bouncing around in front of her. (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

She blended in perfectly, in Li Jun’s eyes, with the small delicate soft rabbits around her. He looked to the side he saw something that caught his interest. While Gu Jiao and the unhappy Li Qiang were busy touching and catching rabbits, he went to the direction of interest.

When he got back to them, he was already holding something. He turned his attention to Gu Jiao who was busy petting a rabbit when suddenly she felt something on her head.

Gu Jiao looked up and saw her big brother’s satisfied face. He also nodded in appreciation of his masterpiece. Li Qiang who saw the commotion looked their way. He was at first surprised then after some time when the thing on his sister’s head registered in his brain he began snickering hiding his laughter.

Now he understands why his sister keeps insisting on staying here. That thing on her head says it all. His brother is amazingly able to understand his sister’s nature fully. He gave him a thousand likes with it, truly fitting.

Gu Jiao heard Li Qiang snickering laugh and touched her head to see what her big brother put there for Li Qiang to be this amused. She pulled the thing and took a look at it. Her face turned black, and she narrowed her eyes at them. She looks at Li Qiang who was still snickering on the side.

Li Qiang: “Sister why did you take it off, it fits you so well… So this is why you insist on staying here because you are one of them.” who is now laughing mischievously at Gu Jiao.

Li Jun put the hairband with rabbit ears back on her head: “Don’t take it off; it looks cute on you.”

Gu Jiao’s mood was sour now. These two are teasing her! Humph let us see who has the last laugh later, she laments in her heart… (=`ェ´=)


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