Chapter 72


Author: Qiaoyi

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Li Qiang turns his gaze to Li Jun, giving him a wave and a sweet smile. Li Jun who is buying tickets for them is puzzled when he sees Li Qiang smile but none the less he gives him a nod of acknowledgment.

Li Qiang who sees that makes his way towards Gu Jiao. He tugs her hand and drags her over to Li Jun who is lining up for their tickets.

Li Qiang is a little confused about why his brother is lining up for tickets. He clearly remembers before that every time they go to places like this they would have VIP treatment. He remembers that from when they went to an aquarium theme park. The manager was the tour guide, but now it comes to this. His brother is in line to get tickets, oh how the mighty have fallen… ┐(´~`)┌

He looks again at Gu Jiao who is now talking to Li Jun. He is still wondering why his sister would make their brother do this kind of thing.

Last night, he heard her says that she was unhappy about the treatment in the aquarium. She feels out of place and awkward not only having a tour guide but also having the manager give them the tour. She then added that she wants to visit places as a normal person while pouting her lips to their big brother. He asked her why that is so? She then answered it’s much more like a date if they kept to themselves, or like a normal family of three on a date… He still can’t understand her though. Is it not a good thing that big brother prepares everything? Even like having the whole museum close just for them to enjoy? That happened the second day they went on a tour. Not only that, even in the aquarium park he was able to have a manager as a tour guide. He now fully admires his brother, Li Jun is incredibly skillful. Li Qiang is nodding his little head in agreement with his thoughts.

Still, in the end, big brother’s biggest flaw is sister’s unsatisfied and disappointed face. The poor man is wrapped around his sister’s little fingers. Li Qiang is shaking his head in disappointment. (_ _|||)

Look! Because he won’t go against Gu Jiao, he stands in line with other people on a hot day just to buy some cheap tickets. He could walk into the office and get someone to give him a pass or let his people line up for him. Tsk tsk! Such a weak man in face of a woman.

When he grows up, he is going to be like his big brother except for when he gets a girlfriend. He will make sure not to be a slave to her pettiness… Again Li Qiang is nodding his head with his thoughts.

Gu Jiao is frowning while watching him, did her brother lose his mind in happiness because of playing too much? He looks like a chicken pecking his head on his own… Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)

Have they played too much making him this silly just visiting places he has never visited before? Her poor brother having a mother who doesn’t have time to care for them is pitiful. Look her brother is now going crazy just from visiting some new places to play. Maybe she should take him to some more places to enjoy and pamper him more often? (@_@)

Gu Jiao is thinking about how to make Li Qiang enjoy more of their vacation before returning home next week after the picnic lunch. After returning home, she won’t have much time to play with him.

She should compensate him now that they still have a few more days to play around here in the city. 


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