Chapter 71


Three had an enjoyable week touring around the city. For today their last stop is an animal zoo for Li Qiang and next week before returning home would be a picnic lunch. That day would be an hazardous day for Gu Jiao and Li Jun because both Li Cheng and Gu Fan would be with them for the picnic lunch.

Gu Fan was the one who suggested it, saying that she wants to bound as a family and doing it like this, she also wants to apologize to Li Jun for making a quick assumption. Gu Fan was amaze how Gu Fan can make a quick come back after having a misery of receiving Li Qiang untiring messages with pictures of them having a happy tour.

Gu Jiao learned about this when Li Cheng called him and asked her about various thing and plead to Li Qiang stop harassing him and his mother sending those envious photos three times a day, everyday. He was already drained of blood crying, he said that he also wants to go have a vacation with them. But the poor old man was tied on the office chair by lots paper work, for him to earn money so they could buy and spend some money.

Li Cheng was also the one who told her about the picnic. Gu Jiao was helpless, she had to agree because the one who asked was her father not Gu Fan. Her mother was really smart, she knew that it would be unwelcome if she was the one who would invite about the picnic. Her having his father to asked for it was a smart move on her part she really applaud her ability. Here’s a bow to her greatness (o_ _)o… (please note the sarcasm)

After agreeing to have the picnic and settling the date, Gu Jiao went to find her brother and told him about it. She ask if he was fine with it, if not she would make some excuse for him not to attend and tell their father.

Li Jun who doesn’t want to be in that woman’s radar had to agree and endure seeing that woman’s face. He remembered that morning when they visit them, his sister lone trembling figure leaning in the wall was the first that comes to his mind. He would not allow that woman to hurt Gu Jiao more.

He really wants to do something about her, but was unable to for he was trying to give consideration to his beloved sister feeling if something happen to that woman. He don’t want to betray his sister trust in him. Li Jun can only endure being with that woman for the sake of Gu Jiao.

In the end, the matter with the picnic lunch was settled with them going as a family.

Back in the present…

They were now at the zoo entrance. Li Qiang is bouncing in excitement this is the first time he was going to the zoo. Sadly, even though they are wealthy no one was really there to tour him around in the main house.

His father and mother are always busy, though they would bound at night they don’t have time to accompany him to play. His sister was the only one who would really play with her but she would go in the capital every weekend or holidays leaving him behind at home. Though their is also his grandpa Li to play chess with, he was too old for playing in this kind of place. That’s why in the end Li Qiang was to stay at home and can never go to this kind of places.

He was truly happy having his sister to play with him and accompany to many fun places. His big brother was also there to pamper them. He would sometime take him up to his shoulders, and there he would see the place they were visiting in a nice view.

Li Qiang decided in his heart that he will hug this hug brother golden thigh so he could come to the capital to play again. He would help him trick his sister on taking a bath with them next time. The last time was a total failure after all, resulting to many accident.


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