Chapter 70


When Li Qiang finish sending the message, Li Jun slowly open his eyes: “Let me see the picture.” his deep baritone voice was careful not to disturb the still sleep Gu Jiao.

Li Qiang was startled by his voice he turned to him and look at his phone then immediately open his album gave it to Li Jun for him to see.

Li Jun was already awake when the little man woke up he saw him taking a photo of them, he let him be as long as he and Gu Jiao look good on the picture he would even reward him if he really take a good angle. When he took the phone to take a look, he saw his and Gu Jiao entangled limbs.

They look so good together, he was satisfied then send it to his phone and he’ll make it a background on his desktop and wallpaper on his phone later.

Li Jun got up and motion for Li Qiang to get out quietly so not to disturb Gu Jiao. The two then got ready to bath together.

Gu Jiao woke up after the two got out of the bath. They’re already getting ready for their little trip. Gu Jiao also got up and get ready.

The three of them then enjoy their day visiting various places on the capital. Then they took dinner on a very high class restaurants, Gu Jiao make sure their food was prepared throughly and well. Not repeating the mistake of the past. When she was satisfied and was sure that their food was not poison, they enjoyed their meal.

Li Qiang didn’t forget to take pictures and send them to the elders at home. When Li Cheng recieve the pictures he wants to vomit more blood. But Li Wei is happy receiving a message to his grandson who was clearly enjoying his vacation with his siblings. Li Wei know what happened that morning when Gu Fan keeps on whining about the “bullying” matter he was first surprised, he was clear Li Jun is a very responsible man he would not do such thing to a child and most of all to his beloved little sister. He called Li Jun to be clear what really happen. He as his usual self dictated in a calm tone where Li Qiang got his injury, then after a few minutes of talking to Li Jun, Li Qiang called him himself retelling the story. Li Qiang who saw his brother take a call from his grandfather and heard about what happen that morning he was unhappy, why does his mother don’t believe him he clearly said the truth about what happen.

Li Qiang unhappily called his grandpa and retold the story, complaining about his mother over reacting and not trusting his words. Li Wei somehow get the grasp what Gu Fan wants to happen. Humhp that woman was clearly creating unnecessarily trouble for their family.

The three retuned home after taking dinner. They immediately went to sleep after changing clothes. Three were so tired touring around the whole afternoon clearly enjoying each other company.

They don’t even have the energy to take a bath and just went directly on bed to sleep.

Li Jun was the last one to close his eyes. Checking everything, if doors and windows are lock. After that went beside Gu Jiao warp his arms on her tiny waist kissing her forehead and cheeks. When he saw her red thin lips the temtation won he gently graze his lips on hers. Feeling the softness of her lips a warm feeling was spreading in his body. He toned it done and went to sleep. Maybe in his dreams he could do the sinful things he wants, even if it just a dream.


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