Chapter 7


Li Jun who was standing beside Li Cheng observing everything that happened, his gaze flashed.

Gu Fan’s heart felt very excited, she didn’t think this “cannon fodder “could catch Li Cheng heart, the task was done as soon as they came. The little sweetheart would be very handy in the future, she could be used in getting closer to Li Cheng, and fight for affection with Li Jun, then when she got pregnant to a baby boy everything will fall into places.

Li Cheng’s eyes flashed a cold light upon seeing the woman across.

The woman’s sarcastic and disdainful gaze fell on top of his body, like there were diseases by the side, you just wait Li Jun your days are numbered you better enjoy the remaining days, you as the successor, when I gave birth to a boy you’ll be out.

“Jiao’er, this is Li Jun, he is your older brother, from now on we’re a family.”

Gu Jiao gave Li Jun a sweet smile, his big eyes blinking glittered: “Hello, Big brother I’m Jiao’er!”

Li Jun curved the edge of his mouth on a once in a thousand chance, fleetingly: “Hello I’m Li Jun.”

“Jiao’er, when you need anything you can come to daddy or your big brother ok?”

“Really?” then Gu Jiao gave a shy look on her big brother… (〃ω〃) hehehe big brother then let me hug you golden thigh!

Li Jun was a field of calm, he didn’t give away any of his thoughts.

Just like that, a big family had a happy atmosphere, only Gu Fan nearly died from anger she never thought that Li Jun would be so calm at their meeting didn’t even bat an eye upon meeting this sister of his who is 8 years old in age.

After that meeting Li Cheng didn’t waste anymore time and sped up the process for Gu Jiao to live with him. Preparing to receive them in the main house.

After just a few days Gu Jiao and Gu Fan were then fetch by a car to go to the main house and live there with the family. They quickly reached the main home by the sea side and in a village that is in the upper echelon. The house is full of beautiful flowers and different sort of plants. In the last life both Gu Fan and Gu Jiao did not realize, that old man Li liked to grow plants and tends to them personally. He would be dress as a gardener and would even big straw hat to worked in the yard.

They only found out the old president had this kind of hobby after living there for a long time and was far too late to redeem themselves for being seen through from the very beginning by the old man for many were reveal in the garden without knowing that someone is watching.

The main house is very large, they drove for quite a while before reaching the entrance, the yard was even wider, in the peripherals is a circle of pine trees of various shapes, and there were various flowers nearby, it was managed very beautifully, there were no messy branches, the leaves were crisp, you’ll like it however you look at it.

There were gardeners that were old who was tending the yard. They were pruning the plants alongside with an old man who’s wearing a big straw hat covering his face, some gardeners are watering the plants, others are catching bugs and the like.

The car stopped, the driver opened the car door, and invited Gu Fan down, Gu Jiao following after, the old man wearing the big straw hat didn’t turn around to look, but the other gardeners nodded, that counted as a greeting, and they lowered their heads and picked up some big shears.

The ground that had just been watered was still slightly damp and muddy, Gu Jiao took a deep breath and sigh, attracting Gu Fan’s attention: “Didn’t I instruct you to behave?”

“That’s not it, there’s mud on the ground mother you should go this way! So, you won’t go dirty like my shoes.” Gu Jiao then blink her eyes innocently while playing the mud with her shoes that makes a splashing move, it got Gu Fan’s a long pants dirtier.

Gu Fan’s expression immediately turned complex, her family background wasn’t great, and she became a home wrecker, and even gave birth to a child, the servants in the residence all looked down on me, you want to play a game of authority!

Who has I, Gu Fan been afraid of? Gu Fan then look around seeing the old gardeners, a darkness flashed past Gu Fan’s eyes, you want me to make a detour? You want to see me as a joke? You even want to see me embarrass myself by falling, down don’t you? Ah. Her right leg swiftly stepped down hard, kicking up a few specks of mud unknowingly splattering over her shoes, even the left side of her pants were caught with a few drops, they were dark and round, not too obvious, but if it was dirty it was dirty, she can no longer wear it. She was marching to the gardeners.

“All of you! Don’t you know how to do your job properly! Not cleaning thoroughly and creating a mess and trouble! Do you still want to keep your jobs!”

“Don’t,”Gu Jiao frowned, and pulled Gu Fan’s sleeve:”They aren’t in the wrong, we were just careless, they’re only doing their work. Look they even made the garden so beautiful with lots of colorful flowers. Don’t fire them alright? If you fire them who would take care of the plants? Besides we can just wash it if the clothes got dirty.”

Foolish child, do you know that these clothes aren’t just any clothes this are….

Designer clothes!

They’re not some cabbage on the streets that can be bought cheaply!

The steward only came out now to receive them, and here’s another one that doesn’t respect her as the mistress, it felt like a fire had been lit up in Gu Fan’s anger.

The angrier she was the more beautiful the smile on her face, Gu Fan curled her mouth: “Good day to you, steward. “

“Good day to you Madam, the roads have been hard on you.”

“Today is the big day that I enter the house, look, I was already welcome very warmly by this servant.”

The steward saw the smudge on her snow-white trousers, and found the culprit following Gu Fan’s line of sight, the old head of the house shook his head, and only then did the steward speak: “Please go in and change first, I’ll take care of these people immediately, I won’t let it trouble you.”

“Mister, don’t fire them ok? Its’ really not their fault we didn’t see that there is mud.”

“Foolish child! Not making them compensate me is already very benevolent, Jiao’er, your kindness will only make these lazy and irresponsible people even more unbearable.”

You’re the foolish one, don’t lump me with you! I don’t want to have a bad impression with grandpa ok! Huh! Just keep going and dig your own grave…. ( ̄▼ ̄*)


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