Chapter 7 Part 2

Different Part 2


Thunder constantly sound outside, can lie on his body, she do not feel cold anymore, do not feel scared anymore.

Gu Yi Ning wakes up, the sky is already bright, and the bed beside her is empty.

Mo Jian Chen is already up?


“Miss, are you awake?” When she heard the call of Gu Yi Ning, Yuan’er came in immediately from the outside door.

“What about Mo Jian Chen?” Gu Yi Ning looked curiously at Yuan’er.

“You mean the eight Prince? He woke up early and asked slaves not to disturb your sleep. “Huan’er said, with an indescribable smile on her face–a standard smile from an old driver.

“What are you laughing at?!” Gu Yi Ning couldn’t help but blush, shyly smacked the maid next to her. “Help me take care of it.”

When the maid picked up a bright new dress, a scream from Gu Yi Ning frightened her into almost throwing the clothes on her hand to the ground: “Miss … What’s wrong?”

“What kind of clothes is this?! ” Gu Yi Ning looked at the clothes on the hands of the maid with a look of disdain, “Red with green, are you going to play shit?”

“Miss…. This is your favorite dress before! This has all good fabrics…” the hand of the maid with her clothes trembled a little.

Favorite clothes? How terrible is the past Gu Yi Ning’s aesthetic? Gu Yi Ning twisted her eyebrows and her face is full of disgust: “I said that your lady’s eyes have been so disgusting?”

Huan’er stared blankly at her and was frightened she stood frozen in place with the manner of speaking Gu Yi Ning, Huan’er was in a daze; Is this the lady she knows? She looked at Gu Yi Ning, almost crying out: “Miss… What’s wrong with you?…”

Her lady, it’s won’t really become stupid when hammered by a stick on the day of her wedding. Right?

See the fear in the eyes of the maid, Gu Yi Ning heart melts, could not help but soften her voice: “I mean … Have I ever had such a strange eye before?”

“This….. “This really makes the maid was unable to answer at all. Miss has such a vision since childhood, and no one said she had a strange eye.

“Forget it, this dress is not needed.” Gu Yi Ning took away the clothes on her maids hand and threw it aside and she chose a light-colored dress.

“Miss…” The maid looked timidly at Gu Yi Ning, and the Miss Gu Yi Ning in front of her was like a another person.

Gu Yi Ning knows what the child is thinking about, and did not explain too much, of course, she will not understand. Not good if she was treated as a witch that will be burn alive. That is a miserable outcome. Gu Yi Ning slowly sat in front of the dresser, she leisurely open her mouth: “People will change.”

“Hmm?” The child was stunned by Gu Yi Ning’s sudden sentence. “Miss is Miss, how can it change?”

Seeing that the child has been unable to understand for a long time, Gu Yi Ning is a little impatient: “Oh…you will be stupid when I give that hammer strike, you know?”

After dressing is finished, Gu Yi Ning went to the main hall accompanied by her maid. Coincidentally, when she came down to the main hall, she ran into Mo Jian Chen. The Master Gu and Mrs. Gu were also sitting there, as if they were chatting with him. He sat there in a neat manner, delicate as a carved side of the face reflected in the early spring sun, unexpectedly gave a person a good illusion of peaceful years.

“You…” Gu Yi Ning just wanted to ask why Mo Jian Chen was here, and was interrupted by Mr. Gu’s words.

Obviously, they did not notice her arrival.

“What does Wang Ye think of our Family young girl Gu Yi Ning?” Master Gu asked carefully.

How is Gu Yi Ning? MoJian Chen and unconsciously picked up the eyebrows. He heard that this young Miss Gu is indecisive, but it seemed to him to be a careless girl. He heard that young Miss Gu body was weak since childhood, but she could swallow a large bowl of rice in one gulp in front of him, like a strong man, He heard that she is knowledgeable, but in front of him, he always calls his name, sometimes he is a madman, but even so, he doesn’t feel at angry at all, on the contrary, he still find a little novelty, and occasionally called him a prince, he found it nice and was surprised.

When he thinks of it, he can’t help but smile softly: “Gu Yi Ning is very different.”

“Oh?” Master Gu said with doubts.

“How is it different?” Mrs. Gu also curiously leaned out her body.

“I heard that Gu Yi Ning plays zither, chess, calligraphy and paintings are well-versed, but in the Eight Wangfu, this Prince has never seen her play a zither, all day…”

Gu Yi Ning saw the situation is not good, immediately interrupted Mo Jian Chen’s words: “Good Morning! Father! Mother!”

Turning her head, she saw Mo Jian Chen, who was sitting on the side, he was sitting there with a cold face, as if he were unhappy because he had just been interrupted.

“Mo Jian Chen, your there too? “Gu Yi Ning asked.

“Noisy! Why is it so rude!” “With her eyes tight, she seemed to understand what it meant when Mo Jian Chen said different.

“No harm, this Prince is used to it.”Mo Jian Chen is not angry.

“The Little girl plays the zither very nicely, let her play a song for the Prince?”

Mrs. Gu’s words made Gu Yi Ning shudder, what a sinister plot? When she plays a zither in modern times, her friends would plead with her to stop playing. In ancient times, she wanted her to play something else? ? !

“But I won’t…” Gu Yi Ning blurted out without thinking about anything.

Mrs. Gu’s smiling face can’t help but turns awkward: “This girl loves to joke, come…”

“Wait!” Gu Yining immediately interrupted Mrs. Gu’s words, “I’m not feeling well today….. “

The whole hall became extraordinarily quiet, and there seems to be a hint of embarrassment in the air: “I… I will dance! I can dance for everyone!”

She’s a good dancer in modern times, and she’s not even afraid of improvisation or anything.

The voice just fell, the room fell into a quiet moment, and the maid timidly tugged her cuffs: “Miss, don’t make trouble, you have been frail since you were a child, and you never learned to dance….. .”

“This Prince came to accompany you.” Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning in front of him with interest.

The sound of Guqin slowly sounded, and Gu Yi Ning started lifting a leg, but her heart was actually distracted. The movement is so easy that even she did not expect, since childhood frail young Miss Gu, her body was this light?


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