Chapter 7 Part 1

Different Part 1


 Hearing the faint voice of Mo Jian Chen, Gu Yi Ning was startled and suddenly looked at her back and looked at the man around her with surprise. 

“How come you haven’t slept yet?!” Gu Yi Ning looked at him with horror. 

“Does this prince needs to have any reason not to sleep?” Mo Jian Chen’s cold tone seems to be mixed with a vinegar. 

It doesn’t seem to be. 

“whatever you say.” Gu Yi Ning slightly arranged the bedding, ready to lie down and continue to sleep. 

After lying down, the man next to her pressed her down, and his hands were on the pillow beside her head, and she feel at little alarmed.

 “Mo Jian Chen, are you out of your mind?” Gu Yi Ning asked the man in front her body.

Surprisingly, Mo Jian Chen suddenly pinched her face: “You to listen to this Prince, now that has married into the eight Wangfu, you are not allowed to call another man’s name.” 

The icy tone of the voice, said it to be a command, but it was actually more like a warning. 

Oh~ Gu Yi Ning’s beautiful little face showed a hint of smile: “Jealous?” 

Mo Jian Chen put down the hand that held her little face: “No.” 

“Why is the tone sour?” Gu Yi Ning raised her eyebrows. This prince is quite arrogant. 

“Bang–” there was another thunder outside.

The time of horror, outside began to thunderstorms, in this warm season, Gu Yi Ning was cold.

It’s so cold – it’s a strange feeling. The bitter cold and the inexplicable fear are intertwined.

Gu Yi Ning carefully wrapped her hands around her body and wanted to use it to warm up – but it didn’t help. 

“Mo Jian Chen, can you open up?” Gu Yi Ning’s voice trembled a little because of the cold, did it feel cold because she was not under quilt?”

Mo Jian Chen did not react, cold bitter eyes slightly tight, seems to find something strange.

Her breath seems to be a bit cold. 

 The cold became stronger and stronger, like being in a large piece of ice. With that inexplicable fear, her body began to tremble. 

 She could never see herself now–the dense eyelashes had a thin ice, though only one or two, but enough to make Mo Jian Chen see it clearly.

  Is it really cold?

Mo Jian Chen looked at her, eyes full of doubt. Even if it was cold, it should not look like this. 

Loneliness, helplessness, sadness, fear, at this moment all the feelings spread to every cell all over the body, It’s a terrible feeling, as if you are in a vast universe, you want to reach out and grab something, but always can not hold anything.

 Mo Jian Chen thought that Gu Yi Ning was pretending to be weak, but now, all the speculation are gone, she feels cold is true, she is afraid-also true. Regardless of her resistance, Mo Jian Chen then gently covered her body, hands gently press on her back.

After a burst of dizziness, Gu Yi Ning to lie on the body of Mo Jian Chen, ear, is his sonorous heartbeat, let people feel warm and solid. 

 Mo Jian Chen caressed the hair of Gu Yi Ning, as if to appease a shivering rabbit. The narrow eyes were full of doubt, who the hell was this woman?

Just opened his mouth and was about to ask her, but suddenly stopped, no hurry, it is not too late to observe for a few more days. 

 Thunder constantly sound outside, can lie on his body, she do not feel cold anymore, do not feel scared anymore.


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