Chapter 69


The atmosphere at the morning meal was destroyed by Gu Fans drama. Gu Jiao led Li Qiang’s out in the dining room and went to the master’s bedroom to apply some cooling salve on Li Qiang’s back that was prescribed by the doctor last night.

Downstairs at the dinig Gu Fan still wants to stir up trouble but Li Cheng took her away from Li Jun’s pad, taking out for her not to lose more face in front of their children. And as to not provoke Li Jun anymore than she did.

Li Jun called some of his people who are just door away form his flat. His house was the whole floor in the building but he didn’t want anyone to distrub him except for his sister that’s why he kept a single apartment space for his people across the corridor so when he need them they could come immediately.

Li Cheng went upstairs to check on the two. He saw Gu Jiao was tending to the little man’s injury. Li Qiang was savoring the coolness of the salve on his back. His sister is still the best, see she immediately got him to ease his pain, he hope his mother is like his sister thoughtfull and love him dear, even though his mother treat him well he sometimes feel unease about it, it felt so wrong…

Li Qiang feel asleep after Gu Jiao applied medicine, she also give him a massage for him to relax. Li Cheng aprroach her, he sat at her back hugging her waist, snuggling on her neck. Her fragrance calm his dark mood, clearing all the negative feeling he felt during Gu Fans drama.

Gu Jiao felt tickled by his action, she let out a sigh, her brother’s action was getting more sweeter for a brother, he feels more like a boyfriend than her brother, sometimes she feels uneasy about it, but she don’t want to hurt her brothers sensitive mood. Maybe Wang Fang is right, she really let her brother become of an extremely sis-con… (・´ェ`・)

It’s not her fault ok buhuhu… She was just a little shameless and was just clearly trying to be a little bit closer to him, but who would have known that her brother would copy her shamelessness and brought it to anoyher level of shamelessness. Turning everything of a little closer to being so close to her like a tarsier. Look right now he looks like a tarsier that doesn’t want to let go the wood branch, she don’t even know anymore if it’s fine like this or not… (つ﹏⊂)

The two also wwnt back to bed and joined Li Qiang in napping planning to play after the three of them walk up.


After sometime Li Qiang woke up first, he got up from Gu Jiao’s embrace, he saw his two sibling in a spoon position. He remember what her mother said awhile ago..

He got his phone and took a picture of the two of them then the three of them, he send it to his father and mother saying look brother loves us dearly hugging us to sleep.

When Li Cheng recieve the message he wants to vomit blood from jealousy, he also wants to hus his children to sleep. Maybe he should have stayed and join them to sleep. He was now starting to regret his decision. That d@mn Li Jun huggling his children’s affection to himself especially his little princess…

Gu Fan who was in a bad mood after the incident also recieved the message. When she opened and saw the content she wants to smash her phone on the wall… D@mn that b@stard Li Jun, getting her childrens affection clearly he was using them for his goals. She won’t let that happen, she needs to do something for Li Jun to fall on being favored son!

While looking on sleeping imaage of the two she felt more hatred was brewing inside her. She wants to mess Li Jun’s life sooner rather than later.


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