Chapter 68


Gu Fan mouth twitch, this daughter of hers is really useless! Don’t she knows it was and opportunity to suppress Li Jun, stupid daughter digging me a pit. She suddenly thought of an idea.

Gu Fan cried out again in a painful way and saying: “My daughter you also suffered! I saw clearly you were being taken as a maid! Doing does kind of thing for him!” (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Gu Jiao was struck by lighting too. What maid? What kind of things? Am I Cinderella that was bullied by her sibling? She was shocked by Gu Fan’s statement. How come she was also dragged on getting bullied. Look evwn his younger brother can’t believe what there mother was saying anymore. Even her father was looking at her weirdly.

Everyone knows how Li Jun pampered her the most. If she wants anything she just have to say and Li Jun would get it for her, even if it’s the moon or the stars, Li Jun qould hired engineers and astronauts to build a spacecraft and get what she wants.

Li Cheng was the most clear about Li Jun’s temperament of Gu Jiao voluntarily did it he qould gladly let her do want she wants. If she wants to clean the house then he would let her as long as she wants to. But he doubt that Li Jun would allow her to do so, his son would find anything that would make Gu Jiao back down on her own, but if Gu Jiao still insisted then Li Jun would just comply.

Li Qiang was also in disbelief on what he was hearing is his mother blind, nit seeing how his big brother spoil his sister to the moon. Even he who was a five year old child could clearly see. Maybe he needs to order an eyeglass for his mother, he once heard with the servants at home that when you get older you eyes will become blurry, maybe that’s the case her mother is getting older?

Li Jun was frowning, clearly displease by this sudden drama but no matter how Gu Fan wants to make a big deal out of this situation and made a mistake for saying those things about him bullying his sister. He would clearly kill if anyone would dare to touch even her fingertips let alone him hurt her. Li Jun just stayed silent as if this has nothing to do with him.

Gu Fan who felt the air suddenly became strange look at everyone, they’re looking at her strangely. She didn’t know what happen she was clearly giving her utmost to act but why does it feels like she made a mistake? Where did she had gone wrong?

Li Cheng sigh maybe Gu Fan was still insecure about Li Jun’s standing in the family and was scared if he would bully their children, and seeing the mark on Qiang’er back any mother would panic and think of the worse. Li Cheng made and excuse for Gu Fan in his mind. He would be correct on his analysis if only it was not Gu Fan he was analyzing though.

Li Cheng: “Ok stop crying now… Our son Qiang’er said that he slip and Gu Jiao as said it… Stop crying Li Jun won’t bully our child. He isn’t that kind of man, I know for I’m the one who raise him.”

Gu Fan was unhappy about Li Cheng’s biased statement, why does this man don’t react the way she wants him to. He was really favoring this b@stard son of his.

Gu Fan was fuming inside her hatred run more deeper than before. Li Jun just enjoy your days of having Li Cheng’s favor humph someday I will defeat you and you would left nothing! If I didn’t to so I won’t be surname Gu! (⋋▂⋌)


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