Chapter 67


Gu Jiao was surprised by Gu Fans sudden outburst of tears beside her, even Li Qiang had a shocked expression, he was just hurt a little bit how did it become as if big brother was bullying his mother. His big brother has yet to clearly move. (゚д゚;)

Should he be the one who is crying because he was the one who was hurt but why was his mother cryibg like he died suddenly. Gu Jiao was frozen in her place, her mouth was hanging, she couldn’t believe her mother to reprimand Li Jun without asking, aren’t you persecuting brother without proof, isn’t that foolish?

Li Cheng who was surprised by the turn of events, frowned he stood up and went to Li Qiang side to see why Gu Fan said it that why. Provoking his Li Jun  without knowing the whole story is not a good idea.

Li Cheng saw a bruised mark on his youngest son that looks like a whip marc, he squinted and bent down on Li Qiang level he ask his son: “What happen? Where did you got that?”

Li Qiang was staring straight at his father’s eyes with a clear small voice said:” I… Slip on the bathroom seater while taking a bath with sister and big brother?”

Li Cheng forehead twitch he clearly catch something inappropriate in his sons phrase. Taking a bath with sister ang big brother? Li Jun and Gu Jiao are taking a bath together? Li Cheng narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

Gu Fan who saw his expression thought that he caught Qiang’er lying about slipping on the bathroom. She knelt down in front of Li Qiang and said: “Qiang’er tell mommy the truth don’t be scared mommy will protect you you don’t have to lie. Tell mommy did your big brother did this to you?”

Li Qiang was puzzled why was her mother always saying his big brother hurt him. He was clearly saying the truth that he slip. Even though his big brother, always bullied him about his sister he never hurt him and was mostly nice to him when his sister is not there. He always provoke him in getting his sister attention but he never bullied him to much somehow he felt like his big brother would do does to tease him and his sister. Is that also bullying like his mother said, but he felt it is not?

Li Qiang was thinking deeply, he was weighing if his brother ever bullied him too much. He clearly don’t remember there was a situation like that.

Gu Fan who saw her son was silent and didn’t answer her, thought that Li Qiang’s was really bullied by Li Jun. She cried even louder and immediately added: “Son you have suffered! Don’t worry mother will give you justice!”

Li Qiang was still clearly a child, he was startled by his mother’s outburst and was scared silly about what she said. What justice? Who suffered? He was panicking and don’t know what to do, he looks up and gave her sister a pleading look asking for help. (◯Δ◯∥)

Gu Jiao saw that the situation is getting out of hand due to Gu Fan’s whining, she let out a sigh and supported Li Qiang’s state awhile back: “Mother, Li Qiang was saying the truth he really slip during bathing.”

Li Cheng who was listening was struct by lightning, his princess said Li Qiang’s was saying the truth they were all bathing together. Why?! Was he not there to bath with them! But Li Jun can take a bath with them that’s clearly unfair! He is the father! He should be able to bath with them too right?! (ʘ言ʘ╬)


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