Chapter 66


Gu Fan stood up from the coach she approach everyone with a worried look on her face going near Gu Jiao, she held her hands tightly:”What’s wrong with my beautiful daughter? Why are you crying?” (´Д`ι)

Gu Jiao:”…..” Aren’t you the one who made me cry you… “I…”

Li Jun saw that Gu Jiao was in a difficult situation and that woman was holding to tight her little princess hand are turning white from losing blood. He frowned, the air around them turns cold. Gu Jiao who sense the changing in temperature around them thought of a reason fast, or her big brother would turn them into ice.

Gu Jiao:”My… My eyes caught a dust… That’s why I cried it hurts….” doing her utmost acting believable…

Li Cheng and Li Qiang both frowned and don’t believe her. But choose to just let it go if she doesn’t want to talk about it now it’s ok, maybe she was just noy ready yet.

Gu Fan smiled sweetly, atleast this daughter know better not to tell other things that she would regret later on.

Li Jun saves Gu Jiao in the predicament and ushered everyone on the dining table to eat breakfast.

Li Cgeng sat on the head chair, while Li Jun was on his right and Li Qiang on his left. Gu Jiao was beside Li Jun while in front of her was Gu Fan.

Everyone was eating silently the only thing that can be heard are Li Cheng’s and Li Jun’s voice discussing various projects of the company.

Gu Fan who was already in a sour mood, while looking at the who was busy talking about the company, her mood turned for the worst, thinking that awhile ago Li Cheng attention was still on her son but now this Li Jun was stealing her Qiang’er spotlight. Gu Fan just turned her attention on the eating Li Qiang patting his back as if saying don’t worry mom is going to make sure you will be the heir of your father not him, while giving a mean look on Li Jun.

Li Qiang who was busy eating felt a burning pain on his hurting back. He couldn’t help but to let out a cry. Getting everyone’s attention.

Gu Fan was startled she turned her narrowed gaze on Li Qiang sitting beside her:”What’s wrong with you?”

Li Qiang was squirming on his seat his back hurts a lot, although his mother pat were not that strong they still a little to strong for a pat, making his injured back hurt.

Li Qiang:”May back hurt..” while his eyes are already letting out tears. (πーπ)

Gu Fan frowned she was clear her pats are not that strong, she immediately got up to check his back. She saw bruised line like he was hit of a whip. She narrowed her eyes.

Gu Jiao stood up and went to her little side trying to coax him to stop crying: “Qiang’er don’t cry anymore sister will apply salve again on your back, ok? Mother is not intentional”

Gu Fan was fuming why does her son have this injury, she was clear just yesterday he was fine before they went here. Gu Fan look around and saw Li Jun looking at them, is it him! This d@mn ba@stard dared to hurt my son.

Gu Fan readied herself in a full blown drama. Her eyes turn pitiful and watery as if she was the one who was wronged greatly, she was looking straightly at Li Jun. It was a chance after all she won’t let this go.

Gu Fan let out a small sob and said: “Li Jun I know you don’t like me and my children, and thinks that I destroyed you family, but bullying my daughter and son like this, your so cruel, if you have problem with me then I’m the one you should bully not my children they are innocent…” letting out a hurtfull sob (;へ:)


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