Chapter 65


Li Jun came to find them, he had been waiting for Gu Jiao for sometime but she hadn’t come yet, she was just tasked to call the others in the living room when Li Jub came out of the dining room he saw Gu Jiao’s lonely figure that was standing on a corner.

Her back feels so alone, Li Jun narrowed his eyes and quickly came to her side, he got panick as if his little Gu Jiao would be hurt if he didn’t go to her. He was surprised to see that Gu Jiao was looking at the three who were seating in the sofa. And there Gu Fan was giving a displeased look at Gu Jiao, Li Jun could see that Gu Jiao body was trembling as if any minute she would cry.

He quickly pulled her arms and make her turn to him seeing the watery eyes that is full of pain and hurt, he immediately let her lean on his chest and look at the direction where she was looking at previously.

Seeing Gu Fan’s displease gaze that she was giving at her daughter. Li Jun dissatisfaction could hide in his eyes. A dangerous light flashes through his eyes. He stared straight into Gu Fan’s eyes, which was shocked by his gaze sudden intensity.

Gu Fan was scared those deep eyes was looking at her like he would kill him any minute. She could feel the cold sweat on her back. This man is really dangerous he needs to be gone sooner rather than later, is what she thaought.

Gu Jiao who felt the warm chest and heard the strong heartbeats of Li Jun, a sudden warmth passed through her body directly melting her frozen heart. She couldn’t help the few tears that escape her eyes letting it fall on his chest. Li Jun felt his shirt got a little bit damp.

His heart was squeeze when he felt her tremble once more. He was now regretting letting them in, he should have been more vigilant when that woman is concerned especially if Gu Jiao was near. Even if he didn’t know the whole story between them mother and daughter somehow he could grasp what is happening between them. In all the years he was under the same roof with that woman, he could see how she treat Gu Jiao.

He don’t understand why she was this cruel to her daughter. Gu Jiao was a good child after all. Li Jun who was being petty gave a loud cough to get Li Cheng attention.

Li Cheng turned to the sound when he saw Li Jun who was hugging the trembling Gu Jiao, he could visibly see that she was crying he immediately let Li Qiang down and got on her little princess side.

Li Cheng:”What’s wrong? Why is she crying?”

Li Jun just shrug his shoulders, even though he wants to say something he doesn’t have a concrete proof to back it up. That woman could easily deny it. This thing he would remember it a day will come that woman will pay for every single tear Gu Jiao shed for her.

Li Qiang who saw his sister crying hurriedly approach them with his short legs. He tug the hem of her clothes trying to catch her attention.

Gu Fan saw the turn of events, where everyone’s attention was already on that crying b*tch. Her heart darken from anger, this daughter of her is really useless, even a simple don’t disturb look she can’t understand and now she still wants to steal everyone’s attetion to her. What an attention seeker she never taught her to be this disobedient letting her hang out to this young man is really a bad idea. She should teach her again some leeson when they got alone. She may have forgotten her lesson she taught to her.


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