Chapter 64


Gu Fan walked in the living room, she saw Li Cheng was busy talking to her son. She smiled joyfully, if her daughter is useless she still have this son, look he could already charm his father like this. Looking at Li Cheng’s face that is full of smile, he even lift Li Qiang on his lap, Gu Fan’s mood improve rapidly. ≖‿≖

Remembering her aim in coming here. She was now conflicted on disturbing her son and father’s bonding. She just let go of Gu Jiao’s case for now, It is much more important for this son of hers to form a deep affection with his father.

Gu Fan then went to their location and sat down on the sofa where the two father and son are busy talking. Li Cheng saw her come he smile at her slightly, when Li Qiang saw her mother approaching he greeted her and return playing with his father not giving his mother anymore attention, Gu Fan seat besides them. She was busy smiling and listening to them they feel like a family of three without extra people that destroy the pictures.

Gu Fan was thinking this should be how they were without that Li Jun in the picture everyone is happy. She just needs more reason for a rift to be made in Li Cheng and Li Jun’s relationship.

Li Jun went down and saw the three sitting on the sofa busy playing family,  it would be great because he can see that his father is happy if only that woman is not their it would be a picture perfect. When he realized that Gu Jiao was not there he turned the other way to find her. He saw her at the kitchen busily preparing their breakfast.

His sour mood seeing that woman on the living room disappeared after seeing this little rabbit jumping around his kitchen. He leaned against the wall to watch and enjoy the view of her.

When Gu Jiao finish preparing the food, she turn around and saw her brother she smiled at him sweetly. Li Jun went near her and help her prepare the dining area for them to eat.

Gu Jiao was somewhat curious because she knows that this house of her big brother was security tight no one was allowed to come in his floor without his permission, well except for her, even Wang Fang needs his approval coming in.

Gu Jiao:”Brother did you know that they’re coming here?”

Li Jun:”No just learned this morning when the receptionist called and said father is here.”

Gu Jiao:”Oh!” now she knows how Gu Fan was able to come… She was really smart, letting Li Qiang come with her here then bring their father in the reason of visiting them. Making her father as the a front line general that will attack this turf, of course her big brother would let them in because their father is their… Tsk tsk! So sly! So cunning!

Gu Jiao and Li Jun busily prepared the dining area. While the three people in the living room continued their happy family time. After fixing the dining table, Gu Jiao went to the living room.

Gu Fan turned to her direction and frowned showing a displease look. She narrowed her eyes at Gu Jiao as if warning her not to disturb them. Gu Jiao was a little surprise, somehow she was hurt even though she knows her mother was like this she never known that even in a time like this she won’t be able to feel that she was included in the family because of her. She look at her father who was busy playing with her brother, she can’t help the feeling of jealousy brewing inside her, her eyes became blurry, a sudden squeeze in her heart caught her breath. Although she love her little brother she can’t still help to feel the jealousy inside her. She really what’s to know why does her mother do this things to her. She stood frozen on her spot feeling hurt all over again like in her previous life.


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