Chapter 63


Gu Jiao woke up early in the morning… She slowly got up, Li Jun beside her stir up and open his eyes. She turned to him and greet him:”Good Morning big brother!”

Li Jun sat up and lean down to kiss her cheeks before returning her greetings:”Good Morning…”

Big brother your habits became quite scary… Can’t you kiss me after greeting first… She was smiling on the outside but lamenting on the inside.

While the two were busy on their morning routine that is full of sweetness. A beeping sound was heard from Li Jun’s phone indicating a new message.

Li Jun frowned a displease look from being interrupted to their alone time. But he knows it was important because the call came from his security personel. He got up from the bed and dialed someone from his phone.

Gu Jiao who saw this also got up and went to change her clothes. Then she went to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast. She was so busy preparing she didn’t hear the front opening of the front door.

Gu Jiao was unaware that someone was already watcging her, she was still in her own little world enjoying her alone time, she was also singing a merry tune to accompany her.

When she turn around to get the plate on the kitchen counter, she let out a screech of surprise, because standing on front of her is non-other than her mother Gu Fan. She blink a few times to confirm its not an illusion. Because it was an believable to see Gu Fan here, it was after all Li Jun’s truf, she can’t come here easily.

Gu Jiao:”Mom? What are you doing here?”

Gu Fan:”I’m visiting you and Qiang, I brought your father with me. Why are you cooking here where are the maids? Is Li Jun bullying you like this and you aren’t telling me anything?” with a rise eyebrow.

Gu Jiao:”Mom big brother doesn’t want to have strangers in his house… That’s why when I’m here I cook for him…” she was smiling innocently not answering most of her mother’s question.

Gu Fan face darken, this daughter of her is really useless, so easy to deceive, Li Jun is a rich man even if no maid is leaving here, someone still needs to come and took care of things, and beside he has lots of people to command, Gu Jiao not taking advantage of being a young mistress is really stupid, letting herself to be boss around like this, so stupid. Gu Fan was lamenting in her heart. (⋋▂⋌)

Gu Jiao who saw her mother’s darkening face just kept her sweet smile, this mother of hers is still a she-devil, she thought that she already change but guess she was wrong, still standing there not even greeting her or help her like mother would but already finding faults to her male god.

She won’t say anything unnecessary because if even if she do so her mother would still think otherwise… Lah she will just pretend not to see her darkening face and returns to cooking, she needs to cook more for the new comers, her father is here lah… ( ̄▼ ̄)

Gu Jiao didn’t pay Gu Fan anymore attention and continued cooking. She even twirled around to tease the now blackening Gu Fan who was fuming to her uselessness.

Gu Fan who was about to let out steam of anger suddenly thought of a great idea. In her mind she could use this maltreatment to this stupid daughter and rattle it to her husband, this will bring some rift to father and son. A sinister smile grace her beautiful face which make it distorted in an ugly angle.

Gu Fan turned around and leave to get her husband and let him see for himself how his good son is treating her daughter.


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