Chapter 62


The three siblings returned home after going to the hospital for Li Qiang to get a check up. Nothing went wrong he just got a bruise and some swellings on his back.

They were all tired and just wants to lay down and sleep. The three of them immediately got change for nightwear.

Gu Jiao change Li Qiang’s clothed and hers she got into the big bed under the quilt. She pulled Li Qiangs in her arms, as soon as the two siblings head touch the pillow the were fast asleep.

Li Jun came last after getting dress, he check the windows and doors of lock. Then came to the bedside he watch the two who were already in dreamland. Then he slowly went under the quilt, and approached Gu Jiao’s back he circled his arm on them and snuggled on her neck breathing her scent, then he slowly close his eyes and sleep peacefully.


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