Chapter 61


Li Jun saw one gave a whorshipping look while the other gave a grieve look.

Gu Jiao felt really wronged why was she the one who was suffering. This Li Qiang br@t just change side like that! And now he was even giving excuses why his brother gave him a spanking. She can’t believe that Li Jun spank her because she was naughty! She was naughty too many times for her to know that! (ಠ ∩ಠ)

Li Jun couldn’t help gave a deep chuckle. Then he quickly compose himself when his eyes landed on Gu Jiao’s naked body. This sister of his was also easy to distract look she even forgot she was naked in all her glory.

Should he remind it about it? But he was really enjoying the beautiful view! Hmmmm, if he didn’t remind her then he would also be in trouble, he can feel his little Li Jun was reacting.

His chuckle turns into a cough. Then Li Jun turn to the side to give his attention to little Qiang’er and decided not to tease his sister anymore than this.

“Fix yourself look at you your nake as baby. Qiang’er are you okay?” Li jun caalmly said.

When ot registered to her what Li Jun was talking about she look down on her body. She blink a few times, then she gave a deafening roar in her heart. No! Her precious body was seen by her brother…. Stupid Gu Jiao letting brother tease you like this…. Buhuhu her chastity…. She wants to dig a hole… A hole to hide… ʕ*ノᴥノʔ

She immediately search for her towel. She found it on the side of her two her two brother’s who are busy. She slowly approach them and got her towel then immediately wrap it around her body. Good thing the two where distracted and was not paying attention to her.

When she turns she saw Li Jun was busily checking Li Qiang’s back and rib. Right her little brother was hurt! What was she doing here just standing and not attending to him. She quickly got to their side and look at where Li Qiang was hurt.

She was surprised to see a reddish mark that was left on his back… It looks like he was whipped, it looks like it would turn into a bruise… Her poor brother was hurt…

Gu Jiao’s was guilty now that she thought about it deeply, she was sure it was her fault maybe she startled her little brother that’s why he got this hurt. She was really naughty this time maybe being spanked by big brother is what she deserved for being too naughty! (つ﹏⊂) Our poor Jiao’er just ate what she was lamenting in her heart awhile back… Poor her…

Gu Jiao:”Big Brother what should we do? Qiang’er are you okay? Where does it hurt?” she guiltily asked.

Li Qiang:”Sister my back hurts and my rib too!” looking at the two grievely.

When Gu Jiao saw that wronged look he pat Li Qiang’s head to coax him.

Li Jun was frowning a displease look was seen on his face. He stood up and lift little Qiang in to his arms.

Li Jun:” Well go to the hospital to have you check. To make sure nothing was broken on your bones.”

Gu Jiao was surprised by Li Jun’s sudden action, when she heard him say his reason she agreed to him. Right big brother is really dependable.

Li Qiang was the most surprised, he was nestled in Li Jun’s arms right away. Is this whatbit looks like when he grew up his brother is strong to easily lift him, their father took a few second before he do so. His sister said he was already heavy and she can’t lift him easily anymore. His mother don’t lift him she doesn’t count. Grandpa is old he was already slow in walking.

But his big brother is really strong. A flash of admiration was seen on his face. He wants to be like his brother so strong.

The three of them immediately dress and went to the hospital.


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