Chapter 60


Li Jun saw the visible blush on Gu Jiao ears. He couldn’t help himself and bite her ears. Gu Jiao let out a loud gasp. A shiver run to her body.

She couldn’t help but turn around to her brother who was smiling to her innocently. Her body tremble involuntarily, she didn’t know why but somehow that smile makes her hot. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Li Jun couldn’t help but be amaze to her reaction. Teasing her is really fun, his sister is so easy to bully. Bullying her like this brought a surge of happiness to him. Li Jun just couldn’t help himself to tease her one more time, he gave a light squeeze to her soft bosom. Her body is really a sinful temptation anymore than this teasing his self control would explode.

This delicious food in front of him is really hard to resist. His little brother down there wants to go wild. But he tried to tone it down by giving Gu Jiao a loud slap on her butt.

The silence between the three was broken by a crisp sound of flesh being hit.

Gu Jiao’s butt slowly form a red mark where Li Jun’s hand landed. Did brother just spank her naked butt? (◯Δ◯∥) Why in the world he do that!?! (ʘ言ʘ╬) My beautiful butt hurts. (╥_╥)

Li Jun saw the mark he created although the slap he gave was not powerful, Gu Jiao’s butt was just too sensitive that is why Li Jun’s weak slap is enough to leave a mark on her snowy white, soft butt. Looking at his master piece he gave a nod of approval.

Li Qiang was stunned on the sound he was busy trying to get into terms of the pain he was feeling in his back down to his ribs. When he heard the sound he woke up, then turn his attention on his two sibling who were busy in their own. He was stunned-silly on his place the pain he felt awhile ago was replace by disbelief. Did his brother spank her sister, Li Qiang narrowed his eyes in incredulousness of the situation. Why did his brother do that?! Look his sister butt have a red handprint on it. And he looks even more happy. What?!? Why?!

Gu Jiao look at Li Jun grievously and asked:”Brother why?” her eyes were already watery. ༼☯﹏☯༽

Li Jun:”You put yourself in danger look even Li Qiang was hurt.” he explain calmly. While looking at Gu Jiao’s body throughly as if looking if she was hurt or not. His eyes darken while doing so.

Li Qiang who heard his reason, nod his head in agreement right. Really it was sisters fault on panicking without reason. Look she was about to get hurt and I got hurt too. Brother is right, as expected of brother so fierce and strict. Spanking her is maybe fine? because she was being naughty so children who are naughty will be spank? Right? Wait maybe he should ask his brother neh?

Li Qiang:”Brother spank sister because she was being naughty right?”

Li Jun had a serious look on his face and gave a nod and an agreement sound:”Hmm”

Li Qiang was unaware his admiration for his brother was slowly building. Now he was think on the line of as expected of brother I salute you. (・∧‐)ゞ

Gu Jiao:”…..” she was just surprised ok not naughty, this child when did he became a lawyer turning white in black and black into white. And when did this two become partners in crime with each other just awhile ago they were in each others throat but now they were buddies that bullies her?! Did the sun rises on the west for such an absurd thing to happen? How come she doesn’t know they’re best of friends now. Why no one inform of her of this happy event! Look now she was suffering on their mischievousness.


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