Chapter 6


“This photo was taken after you were born…. I truly regret that I wasn’t by your side…. Didn’t see how you grow up…” While a painful sob was heard.

Gu Fan looked like she really getting into the mood to act, she’s crying so hard to the point where her throat was sore. Gu Jiao is getting sick of this act but……her crying looks quite pleasing to the eye, hmmmm… continue continue to cry fufufuf… Let this missy enjoy the show hahaha… (๑✧∀✧๑)

With a pitiable gaze, and without makeup too, no matter how you looked at it this was planned. Only a stupid idiot would fall for it. Gu Jiao listened quietly while inside she imagines herself eating popcorn with a soft drink while watching a clown in her heart, hiding her thoughts deeply…

In the previous life, she had only been led by the nose because her, had never seen such shamelessness before, so foolish. When Gu Fan was done with her show, Gu Jiao Prepared herself. ‘You aren’t the only ne who knows how to act, fufufu this young missy after all was taught well especially by you..’ (◣∀◢)ψ

“Mother!” with a silent tear that is about to go, seeing this would make anyone even more pained. AHhHhh… D@mn it… I pinch to hard my legs huhuhu it hurts.

Gu Fan then embrace GU Jiao then the two cuddled together. The show had come to an end.

Gu Fan then prepared a meal for Gu Jiao fussing here and there, Treating Gu Jiao like a real baby princess, acting like a real mother. Gu Jiao feeling, and sentiments had already died for her mother, she now find it funny seeing Gu Fan, like seeing a monkey turning here and there.

Early the next morning, Gu Jiao return to the school, in the previous life Gu Jiao just directly ditch everything and let Gu Fan prepare for her transfer. But now its different Gu Jiao still has a business to take care of in the school and she wants to prepare as well for a long battle. Gu Jiao continue to go to her school for her to make a contact with her uncle and prepare a plan for when she went away there is still a place for her to return.

Gu Jiao exploited Gu Fan some money gave it to her uncle and encourage him to sell the old house and buy a decent villa. Gu Fan didn’t mind it to bit for she let Gu Jiao be pampered in money as to let her see what money can do. This kind of brainwashing is in favor to Gu Jiao can give some to her uncle for she and can save some for a better use in the future.

A few months’ time had quickly passed.

Gu Fan also hired tutor for etiquette and behaviour course, so GU Jiao would not embarrass her for the first meeting and would leave a very good impression to Li Cheng.

Gu Jiao is listening to some good while leaning on the car window they were expected to meet the Li family today. Gu Jiao is excited for she can see her father and big brother again. In the past life, she was full of regret and remorse, but a chance was given to her to redeem everything. Gu Jiao’s feeling are visible on her face and eyes her happiness is showing on them, making her look adorable and cute.

Gu Fan was depressed, the problem with Gu Jiao not caring about things, she was about to be driven mad. What a care free child!

The car stopped in front of an elegant looking restaurant, a very expensive place, only members were allowed in, the attendants inside were dressed in qipao historical costumes, and had a special artistic prospect.

Originally she thought that even if Gu Jiao was of no use, leaving her in the house to spite Shu Heng was still great, then teach Gu Jiao some underhanded tricks, after one or two times, Li Cheng would start to lose patience with that eldest son Li Jun, feeling that he’s not caring for his little sister, cruel and vicious, then she would strike then would coax on Li Cheng to abandon and be distant to Li Jun. Gu Fan is also thinking of getting pregnant again after all Gu Jiao didn’t grow up by her side and not close to her. The future inheritance rights of the company would be left to the child, as for Gu Jiao, Gu Fan had only wanted to give her to be obedient and maybe care for her financially.

They had just sat down, and Gu Fan’s phone rang, as soon as she saw the call display, she was completely frozen, then she glances at her side looking at Gu Jiao. ‘This child better not embarrass me or else…!’

All the woman’s disdainful and inspecting gaze fell on Gu Jiao’s face, Gu Jiao lowered her head, she had already saw it about once or twice from the reflection in the mirror: “Mom, are you not picking up the phone?”

Gu Fan picked up the phone and talked to Li Cheng for about a minute or so. Then the door on the room open and a middle age man with a fine feature and a young boy about 12 yrs. old entered. The man quickly entered the room and ushered the boy inside along with him:” We’re here.”

Gu Fan then stood up ushered the young Gu Jiao to do so to:”Mm,” Gu Fan the gave Li Cheng’s a gentle Smile, and her cheeks blushed: “This is……Gu Fan.”

Gu Fan secretly rolled her eyes upon seeing the blush on her mother’s face lamenting what a good actress. She then gazes at the young boy who was looking at her with a lifted eyebrow …. Ah! Ah! D@mn did I just gave myself away…. ⊙﹏⊙

Li Cheng upon learning of Gu Jiao existence naturally sent people to the countryside to obtain information, and even secretly did a paternity test, if not for him finding out this information, would he have missed his opportunity of knowing this daughter forever? Li Cheng look at Gu Jiao and gave her a smile.

“Jiao’er, I am Li Cheng your father, you can call me daddy, this is your older brother. Later, you’ll meet your grandfather, in the a few more days you’ll live with us as a family, don’t you think that’s great?”

The middle age man radiated with dignity, he projected a great aura. His eyes that were normally peerlessly sharp and keen were affectionately gentle, he raised his mouth, smiling nervously but with a hint of tenderness on his eyes. This was his daughter after all, his own blood who was strayed away from him since birth.

It was not like this in her previous life, Gu Fan had failed to return that tender smile with a look of hatred because of childish reason of not being there for her since young not knowing it’s not really his fault. Seeing that smile again, of course he wouldn’t rush to hug me who would if your being concerned of scaring a child for the first time. Now, I can see clearly father is being nervous meeting me for the first time.

Previously had never occurred to her that his father estrangement was her own doing and that his smile and tenderness will forever belongs to Li Jun. Sometimes Gu Jiao would also ponder, is she really her daughter? Always pondering if it could it be related to the previous wife? Because her mother keeps on mentioning that the estrangement between the two of them where cause of that woman. But right now, Li Cheng’s eyes were on Gu Jiao, full of parental affection, giving her a sense of warmth, she subconsciously pounced over, hugging the man’s strong waist.

The regret of my previous life, I will make up with it in this one!

Daddy I promise I will be filial to you! So sorry from before not being a good daughter to you!

I will remember this embrace till I die!

Gu Jiao can’t help herself from crying! Today her dream was finally met, how joyous, she was so happy she hid her head embarrassedly in his father’s embrace, Gu Jiao buried her head deeply, and tighten her hands.

Li Cheng froze! a feeling he had never felt before slowly rose up, gradually filling his entire body, this is……his daughter, his princess, he originally thought he would never have children again, after a complication with Li Jun’s birth with his wife. Li Cheng had always thought that his affectionate father and filial son relationship with Li Jun was quite good, very satisfying.

But now that he felt the feeling of a daughter’s “throwing herself into his embrace”, it made the strong-willed man’s eyes redden. She was so small and tender, his own princess.


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