Chapter 6 Part 2

His Embrace Part 2


Mo Jian Chen’s embrace is really good. Really like it …

Wait a minute……! Mo Jian Chen’s embrace! Gu Yi Ning suddenly reacted over, immediately pushed away Mo Jian Chen, petite body took the opportunity to get away from him, he cheeks became uncontrollably hot, small hands instinctively covered the red face, “Tha …. Thank you. “

She suddenly pushed him away, it really surprised him, a hint of surprise cross over his face, but this surprise did not stay too long, it quickly faded, as soon as the two parted, “nothing.” Mo Jian Chen, turned his way and sat down on the bed.

“What are you still doing?” Mo Jian Chen looked at the Gu Yi Ning who was still in the same place, with a hollow eyes.

“Huh? “Gu Yi Ning suddenly returned to herself.

“Come here and sleep.” There seems to be a slight disappointment in Mo Jian Chen’s voice.

Gu Yi Ning look at the cold face of this cold man, suddenly she didn’t dare go to bed.

” Do you want this Prince to help you with undress?” Mo Jian Chen leisurely asked her.

“No … Wang Ye should sleeps on his own, and I … I’ll just lie down on the table and sleep.” Gu Yi Ning feels uncomfortable for a while, sleeping in the same bed with a big man–she couldn’t do it, even if its covered with quilts.

As soon as she steps towards the table, a force slammed around her waist, and the whole person fell defenseless into a sturdy chest, followed by her being lift up, her feet away on the ground: “Ah–! “Gu Yi Ning screamed, and after awhile, her whole person was already laying on the big bed.

Mo Jian Chen then pressed down her body, gently lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him: “Are you avoiding me?”

Across his face there was a look of horror on the woman’s face, but he felt that it was unexpectedly cute, and the delicate face was stained with two faint blushes. She called him Wang Ye? After entering the eight Wangfu, she called him prince only a handful of times, and the word Wang Ye from her mouth actually made him feel unexpectedly nice.

“No … No…… Just suddenly not used to sleeping in a bed with a big man.” Gu Yi Ning truthfully said what she thought in her mind.

“After a long time, you will get used to it.”

Gu Yi Ning stared blankly at Mo Jian Chen who was pushing her down, and so on… His tone was much softer than before? She looked at Mo Jian Chen, and there was a trace of fear in her eyes—she didn’t know what he would do next. 

Unexpectedly, he turned sideways, facing away from her: “Let’s sleep.” 


In the dream, Gu Yi Ning seems to be back to the modern time, she dreamed of her wearing the wedding dress, riding a taxi over, she immediately jumped off the car: “Mo Cheng Hao!”

She was carrying her skirt, called the name of the male God, and ran towards him.

Finally, she stopped in front of him, her face filled with a smile, her eyes full of expectations, expecting him to take her hand and take her away. 

The empty square, and the man in front of her who liked her for a long time, but the man did not seem to see the anticipation in her eyes, and the bright eyes seemed to be full aversion for her: “Stop pestering me, get out of here.” 

After saying that, the man turned and left, leaving her alone in the center of the square, as if abandoned by the whole world, the heart feels like being stabbed by a dagger, it really hurts, the scene in front of the eye has become blurred up: “Mo Cheng Hao!” Mo Cheng Hao!!! “

“Mo Cheng Hao!”Gu Yi Ning suddenly woke up from the dream, the body voluntarily sat up, the moonlight gently lit the dark room, there was a quiet moment around, ” its a dream ah … “

Not knowing, there was a hand on her her, and gently looks at the sleeping Gu Yi Ning, listening to her when she calls out for another man’s name, the whole face is turns black. 

“Already married to this Prince, and your still thinking about other men?” The sour and sorrowful voice screamed coldly to Gu Yi Ning who had just breathed a sigh of relief. 

what? ! This man didn’t slept yet? !


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