Chapter 6 Part 1

His Embrace Part 1


When Mo Jian Chen voice feel on her ears, a sudden burst of blood climbed to Gu Yi Ning’s ears making it crimson, subconsciously pushing Mo Jian Chen away: ” You think to highly of yourself!” 

 Mo Jian Chen mouth gently came near her, looking in front of her from top to botom, he opened his mouth and said: “This Prince is not interested in your body, flat land one could gallop straight across.”

[flat land one could gallop straight across – wide expanse of flat country: pertains to the curve of the woman body that it is to flat]

 “You…!” Gu Yi Ning narrowed her eyes, but couldn’t help to take a look at her own body, is it really so bad? 

“You still wouldn’t help this Prince to undress?” Mo Jian Chen’s indifference made Gu Yining take a step back unbelievably and unwillingly took a look on his body. 

Gu Yi Ning pursed her lips, and, with an unpleasant look, raised her hand reluctantly to undress his clothes. She took his clothes off with her hands, but her eyes had long since drifted to 18,000 miles place away.

“The figure of  this Second young Miss is really bad …” Gu Yi Ning muttered, at least in modern times, she also had a front convex more than this little sister, but came to ancient times, it was gone?

“What are you talking about?” Mo Jian Chen’s eyes stared straight at the in front of her eyes, what was this woman muttering about?

Gu Yi Ning was startled, she suddenly returned to back to the present, continuing to work with her actions: “Nothing …”

“Bang–“there was a sudden flash of lightning outside, and the room was suddenly lit, and Gu Yi Ning froze for a moment, followed by a loud thunder across the stillness of the house, and the light on the candlestick was flickering when the wind was blowing.

Thunder and lightning-in modern times simply do not frighten Gu Yining, but unexpectedly for a moment she can’t help but shiver, inexplicable fear quickly spread in her body down to the fingertips.

In front of Mo Jian Chen she was not scared but by the Thunder and lightning she was affected, he looked at  Gu Yi Ning who is in front of him, indifferent eyes seem to carry a hint of doubt and curiosity-she is afraid?

  Cold, she was inexplicably cold, the coldness occupied every cell all over her body. Gu Yi Ning suddenly clasped Mo Jian Chen’s hands tightly, she turned her head down, she do not want to see Mo Jian Chen that cold face of his, afraid to see it and will will make her body become colder, she shivered and let out a sigh, as if she to do this can ease her coldness in general.

The body instinctively wanted to find something warm, and at the temperature that is coming from Mo Jian Chen’s chest made her inexplicably want to get close to.

Carefully leaned closer to Mo Jian Chen, but did not dare to completely stick to him, slowly, she stopped, she kept a certain distance, this distance is not too far, but also not too close, she dare not touch him, but she could still feels his body temperature.

Before was clearly appear like an ” old woman who nothing under heaven and earth (fearless) “, but now she was scared by a thunder, Mo Jian Chen looked suspiciously at the woman in front of him, she should not be pretending to be weak at this time, does she?

Without hesitation, he raised his hands and put them on her arm, trying to push her away.

“Don’t …” soft voice was pleading and crying, “I’m so scared …” It’s strange … “It’s strange that she would be so afraid of this stuff.

His hand that holds her arm clearly sensed that she was shaking–not knowing whether it was because of fear or because of the cold.

At this moment, she look so weak in front of him, so weak that could make his hard heart become soft. At the moment his heart suddenly had a strong desire to protect.

Gu Yi Ning still tightly clasped Mo Jian Chen’s clothes, the part on his chest of of clothing is already wrinkled by her.

Hands slowly came down from her arm, replaced by a warm embrace, and strong chest to lean on, a warmth suddenly spread on her body.

Gu Yi Ning’s head rested on the warm chest of Mo Jian Chen, her ears are directly on the powerful heartbeat, a faint scent entered her nose, its not that fragrant, but it can make people feel good. It makes people feel comfortable.

Mo Jian Chen’s embrace is really good. Really like it …


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