Chapter 59


Li Qiang was thing deeply this was his first time to see a naked man with muscles, that’s why he got curious, his mind was running for thousands of possibility, but he got dizzy on thinking, he decided to asked his sister.

Li Qiang turns again to his sister but he saw her still in her daze mode and she was even drooling… He was astonish. His sister is sick, isn’t she? She was all red and looking in daze. What happen to her? Maybe they bath too long and his sister is catching up a cold he better get her out of here fast because he saw she was getting redder as his brother comes closer.

Li Qiang broke the silence between the three of them:”Brother fast! Sister is catching up a cold! See her face is red like an apple.”

Gu Jiao woke up from her merry land. When her consciousness recognize her brother, she narrowed her eyes and then after 3 seconds it registered to her mind that her big brother is coming in the shower where she was naked and a towel was her only protection. A sudden scream of “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” was heard.

Gu Jiao panic and she tried to find a place to hide. But to her misfortune Li Qiang was on her side when she turned, her subconsciousness registered that Li Qiang was there she would hit him that’s why she tried to even twist her body further to avoid Li Qiang it’s just that in doing so she lost her body balance.

Li Qiang seeing her sister was about to fall tried to catch her. But to no avail he got a hold of her towel and gave it a tug. His effort was for a not. His sister was still falling and the towel was on his hand was like a hot potato that can’t be touch he immediately let it go and took a step backwards he also lost his balance and slammed against the edge of the shower sitter on his side his rib hurts (╥_╥). Then he saw a sudden flash of shadow on his side.

Gu Jiao close her eyes preparing for impact. But she felt a warm hard chest on her back and two strong arm that successfully stop her fall, warp around her.

She slowly open her eyes. She sigh in relief when she saw the floor was still far away from her face. She her chest in relief. But why does her bosom felt like a hard rock of muscles? Ehhhh did she lost her mountains again? Impossible?! (◯Δ◯∥)

She slowly turn her gaze down she saw that a hand was only cupping her breast and another hand where securely around her waist circling it tightly. She tilts her head to the side. And was trying to process was going on.

She wrinkled her brow, she feels like an old computer that was left behind by the modern once, like a Pentium series that was left hanging by the i-core series. Even a while ago on the dining table she wasn’t able to understand there action.

Ok she cam back to the present and tried to recall what happen. Her brothers came in during her bath with Qiang’er then she panicked. She tried to hide but saw Li Qiang would be knocked by her and tried to avoid him but she lost balance? Then where was her towel? Why was there a hand on her body and a warm hard chest on her back? Who’s hand and chest are them?

As she slowly recognize the situation. She felt a little squeeze on her bosom. She narrowed her eyes and a warm rush of blood was going up on her head, in her brain, a reddening of cheeks and ears are the visible proof of what her thoughts, when a sudden enlightenment on what was Li Jun was doing on her bosom.


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