Chapter 58


… Gu Jiao had taken off Li Qiang’s clothes, she took off her clothes to and warp a towel around her body, then she fixed there clothes on the dressing area. She went in the bathroom and saw Li Qiang standing at the whirlpool bathtub with a complicated look, as if he feels her eyes he turns around.

Li Qiang:”Sister… Hmmmm… Do you know how to operate this?”

Gu Jiao was in a dilemma she also do not know how to used the bathtub. When she was using the whirlpool tub Li Jun was the one who always prepare it for her, she never got the chance to operate it herself.

Gu Jiao just shook her head on the side and said: “Wait, let’s go wash up first then I’ll ask big brother to make it work for us to play.”

Li Qiang was a little puzzled at Gu Jiao, eh was brother not going to bath with them, he clearly make a deal with him a while a go, he also clearly saw him take some clothes on his walking closet when they have gone in the room before going in the bathroom.

Li Qiang, although was confuse he just put it on the back of his mind and was busy trying to work out how to run the bathtub. He really wants to play this tub, maybe if he enjoyed it he would asked his mom to install one in his bathroom at home.

Gu Jiao was busy preparing the toiletries on the side after that she called out to Li Qiang who was busy poking buttons here and there.

Gu Jiao: “Let’s take a shower first before going in on the bathtub. I’ll call brother first to prepare the whirlpool bathtub for us, how about that?”

Li Qiang who was a little disappointed nod his head and headed to the shower area that was separated by a wall. Gu Jiao called Li Jun for him to open the jacuzzi bath and entered the shower area with Li Qiang and started washing up the two of them.

Gu Jiao was unaware that Li Jun was already preparing to take a bath with them when he was finish operating the bathtub, he went to the dressing room and help himself took off his clothes leaving a boxer short for modesty.

Li Jun then slowly went to the shower area where the two siblings are washing off, he slowly and quietly opened the door…

Gu Jiao was busy washing Li Qiang when she felt someone was standing on her back, she turned her head and saw a topless Li Jun who was slowly walking on them.

The time seemed to stop all she saw was Li Jun’s sexy pack abs, powerful muscled thigh. Gu Jiao was entrance at the male god coming her way, she was astonish at Li Jun’s body a small tear of saliva came out of her mouth that was left hanging on the air. A male god was descending on his way to her, such a lucky day. ԅ(♡﹃♡ԅ)

Gu Jiao was in her fantasy world, she wasn’t able to notice that Li Qiang’s mood turned sour. Looking at Li Jun who is coming to there way. He narrowed his eyes on Li Jun’s body. He don’t understand why does his brother have bumps on his body everywhere. He looks down on his small body that was a little plump. He tilt his head to the side puzzle why does brother have does bump here and there and he doesn’t? (゚ペ)

Li Qiang assess Li Jun carefully then he look up to his love-struck sister? He narrowed his eyes looking at her intently. Why does his sister have a big bump on her front (@_@) is that some kind of trend? Now that he thoughts about it his sister always carry those bump even in the bathroom. Eh… As he goes further in his memory his mother also have those bump in front of her. His daddy also have does bump like his brother but his father’s bump are more bumpy and big than brother. Can you get that as you get older? Hmmmm? ఠ_ఠ


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