Chapter 57


When he taught about the pros and cons of the deal. He was more tempted to take what was Li Qiang offering even if he had to endure sharing their bed to this brat. But he can take a bath with his little sister. He was weighing which will be more advantage to his.

The temptation to see Gu Jiao and bath with her again won. He gave a nod, his eyes turns darker and in a deep voice, he said “It’s a deal.” Thinking that he could take an advantage to probe and poke here and there. He gave a small devilish smile.

Li Qiang who heard it was happy, he would be able to sleep with his sister too. He never taught that he selled his dear sister to the devil. (n_n,*)

Gu Jiao who was still in a deep taught didn’t know that she was sold by his little brother to Li Jun. When she turns to the two who was having a hand shake as if reaching a consensus. She was surprise this is the first time she saw the two of them in harmony, most… No all the time they contradict each other…

She smile, well maybe they were both maturing… Is what she taught. Our poor Gu Jiao was sold just like that…


When Gu Jiao finish tidying up she went upstairs to collect some clothes and was ready to take a bath. She went to Li Qiangs room and was surprise to see the two brothers standing side by side on the bedside. The big one was helping the small select his nightwear.

Gu Jiao:”You two what are you doing? Qiang’er are you ready to take a bath?”

Li Qiang:”Hmmm… Ok let’s go”

The three of them went outside the two brothers directly went to the master’s bedroom. Gu Jiao was puzzle where are this two going? Why is Qiang’er following big brother I taught we are going to take a bath. She was tilting her head to the side.

Gu Jiao:”Qiang’er where are you going I taught we’re going to take a bath.”

Li Qiang turns to her and look at her with a wrinkle brow:”Yes, I am going to the bathroom now.”

Gu Jiao:”Eh, but the bathroom was over there” while pointing the bathroom at the end of the corridor in bewilderment.

Li Qiang was looking at her, as if she was a new different species.

Li Jun who was standing on the side couldn’t help but to but in:”Jiao’er, Qiang’er means the master bathroom”

Gu Jiao:”Oh! Eh? Why are we taking a bath on the master’s bedroom?”

Li Jun was silent for a while, he was thinking how to not startle this little rabbit, thay he would be taking a bath with them.

Li Jun:”Qiang’ er want to try the jacuzzi bathtub on the master’s bathroom”

Li Qiang was now puzzle thinking there is a jacuzzi on the master’s bathroom why didn’t he know about that, while narrowing his eyes.

Gu Jiao:”Oh! Okay, then let’s go.”


Gu Jiao entered the bathroom with the excited Li Qiang who wants to play in the jacuzzi Li Jun’s talking about. He never taught their is a Jacuzzi in this house, if he had known earlier when he comes visit here with his sister he would have already make a deal with his brother. Maybe next time he would request to his big brother to convince father and grandpa to built a swimming pool on the main house, those old people don’t want to built one they said it was dangerous if he used it without someone to accompany him, saying what if he had an accident or his sister had one. Che! Let’s see if big brother can fight it out with the oldies. (๑✧∀✧๑)

Maybe he should not fight with this brother of him and let them have a mutual benefits on being harmonious lah… Hugging his big fat golden thigh has a nice ring on it… Hehe let’s talk to him later after bathing it’s jacuzzi time… ヽ(^Д^)ノ


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  1. Pffft Li Qiang, even you are discarding your mom’s schemes in favor of grabbing that golden thigh LOL 😂 ┐(´∇`)┌

    For want of a pool, let’s hug big bro’s thigh! ヾ(^∀^)ノ

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