Chapter 56


When the three of them was done eating. Gu Jiao was now busy tidying up the rest of their dinner. She look life a wife taking care of their family. Li Jun turns to her direction and watch her busy figure.

His heart warmed up, he can imagine her as his wife taking care of their family. That would be great if it’s just so possible. What a sinful desire he has.

Gu Jiao as if felt his gaze on her turns to him, she gave him a dazzling smile. Li Jun walked to her direction and hug her waist nuzzling on her neck breathing her scent…

Gu Jiao:”Brother don’t tickle me…”

Li Jun:”Hmmm”

Suddenly there was a tugged on his sleeve.

Li Qiang:”Don’t bully sister! Sister let’s go take a bath.” his face is full of smile looking at Gu Jiao

Gu Jiao:”Haha… Ok Qiang’er dont fight with big brother… Hmmm let me just finish this then well take bath together.”

When Li Jun heard their conversation his face turns black, his good mood just flew away out of the window, this brat really is provoking me. What taking a bath together, let us see if you can, even I didn’t take a bath with her except that one time. Li Jun eyes was flashing dangerously.

Li Jun:” Not aloud go to your room and take care of yourself your already so old, and still acting like a baby.”

Li Qiang:”Humph, you… Sister look he is bullying me again.”  he look at Gu Jiao with a grievous face.

Gu Jiao was speechless with this two, she taught after their dinner she already could rest… But looking at the two who have sparks of electricity between them she could only let out a deep sigh.

Li Jun was able to detect her tried sigh, his heartache now that he taught about it. She must be really tried, they had taken an early flight then when they got home at noon she had to prepare their dinner and now she needs to tidy up. And here they are giving her a few more things to worry about.

Li Jun:”Hey, do you need help?” with a worried look written on his.

Gu Jiao shook her head, she close her eyes and taught how to prevent this two from waging world war III. While Gu Jiao was in a deep thought, the two started their tirade again.

Li Qiang:”Humph, Sister is the best she always take me to bath and we sleep together, and I am still a baby! .”

When Li Jun heard this he was fuming his worry was thrown away again out of the window, what taking a bath? What sleeping together? This kid was taking advantage of my Jiao’er when I’m not home. Humph let ‘s see if you can do that here.

Li Jun:”You can’t do it here. I’m the owner of the house. You have to follow my rules here” he said with a cold voice tone.

Li Qiang shiver he felt the dangerous hint on Li Jun’s voice. He was scared he knew he cross some bottom line. He tried to think a compromise. He taught that his room awhile ago has a small bed and his sister was intending to sleep with his big brother. No that can’t be I want to sleep with sister. How about that….

Li Qiang:”How about this big brother… Hmmm… Let’s us all take a bath together? But you have to let me sleep in your room. Ok? ” he was giving him a smile saying please, please, please.

Li Jun taught about it, if he didn’t agree although Gu Jiao will definitely sleep beside him cause he make sure after seeing the little brat at the airport, he instruct his people to change the bed of the guest room to a small bed. Without a doubt Gu Jiao will not fit on the bed. But taking a bath after that one time Gu Jiao was adamant not to take a bath with him anymore he was sure she was avoiding to take a bath with him all those years. He tried to trick her many times but all was lose she was so cautious with it, maybe if this little brat is with them she won’t be able to disagree.


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