Chapter 55


Li Jun already blacken face keeps on darkening. Wang Fang was already snorting and farting at the same time, trying his hardest not to laugh.

This is the first time he saw Li Jun lost face… Lah so satisfying seeing Li Jun being bullied. Ha! Everytime they were together, he was always the loser in their tirade but now as if he was able to revenge his bullied soul watching this little man bit the big man, maybe he could cheer this little man. Go Young Man! Make him loose more face.

Li Jun stood up on his place he walked to Gu Jiao’s side and lift her up. He sat on her chair and place her on his lap.

Gu Jiao was stunned shitless in her place. The events are so fast she didn’t even know what happened. The only thing she knows was that somehow she was already sitting on her big brothers lap. (@o@)

Wang Fang was frozen in his action, his hands that was about to get food was left in the air, Li Qiang mouth was left hanging, silence befall on the dining table.

Li Qiang broke the silence:”Shameless! Don’t touch my sister” he also stood on his seat and run towards Gu Jiao. He raise his hand and tag Gu Jiao to get up on Li Jun’s lap.

Li Jun just indifferently look at him. He warped his hand around Gu Jiao waist and smirk.

Wang Fang was left speechless, right my dear friend your so shameless. Don’t know you are also so childish can’t even take a loss from a child.

Li Qiang was fuming he kept and tagging Gu Jiao but to no avail his effort was wasted.

Gu Jiao who is trying her best to understand what’s going on, but her brain cells when Li Jun lift her up. The tagging woke her up in her daze she looks down on Li Qiang, saw that he was about to cry. The wronged eyes looking at her were already teary, she stretch her hand and lift the small child to her lap. Patting his back coaxing him not to cry.

Wang Fang can’t believe how easy it’s for Gu Jiao to be deceive by this two people. He can’t comprehend the looks he wants to give on the set up that was in front of him. They look like tote that was on each others back.

Wang Fang was a little awkward with the situation maybe he should really go home as to not recieve collateral damage from the two who was having a severe case of mood swing. And right now it’s not enjoyable to watch anymore, too much sweetness he thinks his teeth are going to ache from watching too much sweetness coming from them, he also can see the ants crawling on his feet having a banquet of sweetness.

He feels so out of place and like he was intruding, the people in front of him are like a family of three the father is teasing his son, while the son was pouting and sulking because he don’t want to lose, while the mother was being a mother caring for both father and son. It was truly strange! 

Lah he should get going he is having an illusion about family lah… He a single soul don’t want too much dog food*… That was too much for him lah… But how can he disturb them now that they were too busy in their own world eh… See even Li Jun was busy poking the childs back and doing the absurd thing of looking innocent. He saw Li Qiang turns around to look who poke him but saw no one, narrowed his eyes scared. Gu Jiao was now even joining on making fun of his beloved little brother after the shock she received awhile back…

[dog food – neologism refers to the self-pity of single people triggered by the public displays of affection by couples online or offline.]

Eh…. Li Jun you really turned so childish scaring the little man. Should I pretend not to see you tagging his hair a little too much when Gu Jiao was not paying attention, see the little man was about to cry really…

D@mn you people are so bad letting me see too much dog food. This single dog is going home ah. You won’t pay attention to me then I won’t to! Ciao!

And Wang Fang came home bitterly without disturbing the family of three fennec foxes.


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