Chapter 54


Back to the present…

The four of them eat the dinner Gu Jiao preferred when Wang Fang saw the food on the table, he was amaze how Gu Jiao became well verse on cooking. He clearly remember the days she just started learning to cook after the incident, she was like a general that is preparing for war.

The horror he went through tasting those first dishes she cook. Heavens! He can’t believe Li Jun ate those food with batting an eye and the look of joy he had while eating them, he can even imagine that he would be send to the hospital again because of his martyr way of pampering his sister. He, Wang Fang was scared that he would be poisoned to with his eyes wide open, he was not a martyr like his friend that’s why he made excuses everytime Li Jun invite him to eat, if Gu Jiao is there he will not come no matter what.

But now the food in front of him were so far away from the food she prepared before. Looking at Li Jun there eyes met in the air, as if reading what was on his mind Li Jun look at him smugly, rising hi eyebrow as if saying ‘hmmm you better enjoy this dinner this will be the last you will be invited to taste her cooking, after you left me to suffer’.

Wang Fang face turns black this friend of him is so black belly. Humph so selfish. He was not suicidal like him to accommodates Gu Jiao’s first cooking escapade ok, he was only a weak human that is fragile in face of death lah….

The four of them started eating. Wang Fang feels bitter he don’t know if he regrets leaving behind Li Jun to sacrifice before or not. When he taste the food he feels his taste buds are in heaven d@mn b@stard, if he also has a little sister like her he thinks he would also be a sis-con like Li Jun but sadly he only has a little spoiled brat brother. Should he let that brother of his where girls clothes and be a girl so he could have a little sister. Wang Fang was out of control on his imagination, enviousness let him reach a new height of insaneness… Maybe he could train his little brother  to become a little sister eh… When he thought about it he it became more appealing to him. The poor young boy of the Wang Family at home let out a sneeze and a chill run down his spine. Who was plotting a bad thing for him.

Gu Jiao was busy serving her little brother Li Qiang. Because he was still small he can’t reach most of the things on the table, Gu Jiao still needs to assist him. Li Jun’s face turns dark every minute he saw how his beloved little sister took care of that brat.

Li Jun:”Don’t you have hands. Look your sister haven’t eaten properly yet because of you.” with a narrowed eyes.

Wang Fang was surprised by Li Jun’s sudden outburst. Looking at his friend he like seeing a ghost. Why was he still surprise with his unreasonable behavior it already been so many years seeing this side of him yet he was still took by surprise every time he became like this, when it comes to Gu Jiao, he really is shameless, even with small children he’s fighting. 

Li Qiang just look at Li Jun and shrug his shoulder then he look at Gu Jiao and a wicked grin quickly flash on his face he rise his head and open his mouth.

Li Qiang:”Sister feed me please… Ahhhh” after he let go of his chopstick.

Gu Jiao:”…..” what is it this time? Well what ever her little Qiang so adorable… She lift her hand with spoon aand slowly prepared the food she was about to feed to Qiang’er

When Li Qiang successfully coax his sister into feeding him without difficulty, he turned his head when Gu Jiao turn her head, he look at Li Jun’s eyes directly and gave him a smug look with a tongue out teasing. 

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