Chapter 53


Li Jun was attentively watching the sleeping Gu Jiao in his embrace. She had already fallen as sleep from her hysteria. He leaned down kissing her soft lips.

He can’t help himself even though he knew it was wrong, doing this kind things to her. She was the only one who could make him do this unlawful things.

After his mother’s death, that incident left him scarred. Even though his father was still there supporting him through the ordeal. He still felt the emptiness inside, there was this barrier between him and the Li family. A line he can never cross, it sound ridiculous given Li Cheng is his father and Li Wei as his Grandfather they gave him everything he could ask for but there was still this void he could not understand that was inside him.

When Gu Jiao showed up he saw a light in a dark tunnel that gave him hope. He felt alive everytime she do somethings that warm his heart even if they were fake he don’t care. The only thing that he cared were the feelings he has on that moment that made him happy.

Slowly Gu Jiao got under his skin down to his frozen heart. He clutch her tightly, seeing her like this gave him a warm feeling even if its only a feeling that is between brother and sister he would gladly accept them. As long as she feels something for him that would be enough.

After the incident, Gu Jiao investigated on her own even though she knows that it was useless. She didn’t care even if she keeps on ending in dead ends for leads. She stubbornly did her best to uncover how could Li Jun be harm without evidence and who would do this to him.

She talk to a lot of doctors and professionals who are well verse on poison. Then she, after weeks of investigation, met a doctor who was also a dietitian, this dietitian explain to her the combination of daily foods that are dangerous when eaten. When she heard this Gu Jiao thought of it as ridiculous, but she kept it to herself and continued listening to his explanation. The doctor ask her what she have eaten that time, he patiently explained to her the complicated combination of food that can turns to poison.

She was surprise at first, the further the doctor explained the reasonable it become. She immediately asked Wang Fang about his investigation. When she got a hold of it, her small hands trembles from fright. The things they order where simple but if the doctor said was true then the things they ate that night are really poison!

She remembers clearly the things that they order were not on the menu of the restaurant. The waitress suggested a secret menu that only influential and family could afford. The waitress was also the one who recommended the food to order. Now that she studies them carefully all of it where Li Jun’s favorite as if the person to suggest clearly knows what the persons appetite is.

She ask the doctor why she and Wang Fang were not affected, the doctor ask her what in the foods that were delivered she ate and what were not she said the seafood she was allergic to them while she remembers Wang Fang didn’t touch some of the cook vegetables because he don’t like them. Li Jun was the only person between the three of them who was not picky. The most suspicious is that the food were all to his liking, usually Li Jun don’t eat this food type of food combination. That waitress who serve them, was like a sales person who is extremely capable saling the good talked them to order this food!

Gu Jiao didn’t waste time and explained it to Li Jun. Li Jun had taken an action immediately finding the waitress that night. But sadly she was gone and couldn’t be found anywhere. They learned that the restaurant don’t have any secret menu or so. It just that special guess can request any type of food they want to be cook.

Gu Jiao was frustrated, she was able to find a thing but was met a dead end again but somehow she have this feeling that she was forgetting show thing very important but can’t think what it is. The incident was left for the future to be resolve and was put aside.

After knowing the cause of the poisoning, Gu Jiao learned to the doctor about the food diet as to not be harmed again. From then on she became a general in the kitchen especially Li Jun’s kitchen. Even if she was not there in the capital, she required Li Jun to report the things he ate and would eat from breakfast to dinner.

Li jun was amaze to her tenacity on caring for him. He was happy seeing Gu Jiao’s care for him. Somehow his hospitalization woke a sleeping dragon to his baby princess.

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