Chapter 52


Gu Jiao was still crying and sobbing she’s already suffering from hiccups and short of breath. She was so devastated. She always thought about the almighty figure of Li Jun in her previous life. Never thought that maybe Li Jun who was seating on the top and a mighty figure in their city may also suffer the life threatening situation like this.

Gu Fan and her scheme doesn’t come close on harming him. Those scheme were either prevented from happening or was exposed immediately. Never imagine that maybe Li Jun in the previous life also encountered this event before he came to power and became an invisible.

This poisoning woke up Gu Jiao from her ignorance. She never thoughts that she already cared this much for this brother of her. It hurts her seeing Li Jun like this. This needs to happen before she realize that she cared for this brother that she can’t even imagine losing him in her life.

Li Jun’s eyes are so dark from anger. Anger for making his sister cry like this. He wants to kill to vent what he’s feeling inside him.

Li Jun’s coaxing her to stop. It’s already harming her, he can see she was having a hard time breathing, her short deep breathing we’re so painful to hear.

Li Jun was in a dilema he look at the side and saw Wang Fang that was still there watching the whole ordeal.

When Wang Fang saw the look in his eyes a sudden fear came crawling in his flesh down to his bone. Those eyes are promising a hellish life. This is the first time he saw Li Jun with those deadly eyes. It was terrible to look at, even though he knows those feelings that brewing inside Li Jun weren’t directed to him, he could still feel his flesh trembling in fear.

As they grew older Li Jun’s countenance through ordeals improve but now those composure were thrown out of the window. Looking at the sobbing Gu Jiao seeing her in a hysterical state of crying.

He understood the madness Li Jun’s throwing in the air. Li Jun was extremely caring to this sister of his. If this sister of his was even bullied in the slightest, Li Jun would be out for blood. As Li Jun grew older Wang Fang saw him became obsess with Gu Jiao, it gut worse and he could say it turned to madness.

He doubted Gu Jiao because she was that woman’s daughter, doubted her that maybe she was involve in the incident this time because she was the only person that could get to Li Jun without being suspected, and she was the only one who has the motive. But looking at how hysterical she was. His doubt vanish no one could fake something like that if she could then she really is evil down to the bones.

He nodded his head to Li Jun and turned to leave the room, giving them privacy.

Li Jun was left alone with Gu Jiao, he hug her tightly not letting space come across them. He caox her, whispering on her ears sweet nothing words that would calm her down. He pat her back taking all the sob in his heart.

Looking at her reddish face full of tears, he kiss her on the forehead. He gave light kisses down to her small red nose, down to her lips grazing it light kisses. He licks the salty tears that came from her eyes.

This is the first time he saw how worried Gu Jiao for him. Sometimes he felt that maybe she was only pretending her kindness to get close to him. She was after all the daughter of that woman, this suspicion were founded because sometimes he felt Gu Jiao really didn’t care for him, but he never cared of it as time the pass. He even deluded himself that if Gu Jiao turns out to be on that woman side it was fine, he loves her dearly. He would let her be as long as it makes her happy.

He knows his feeling was not a feeling that he should have to a sister. It was a sinful emotion he can’t let her know. He promise to himself this would be buried with him forever in his grave.

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