Chapter 51


Wang Fang reported every detail he was able to find even though he knows that his things are useless, he still told them to Li Jun. Li Jun just kept silence the whole time when Wang Fang talk about the whole ordeal. He was frowning and was thinking deeply, he has somehow a guess who did it to him.

This was not the first time he encountered such thing after he came to the capital. Accidents that intentionally harmed him are there left and right. At first, he didn’t pay them any mind and thought that it was merely small accidents  but through time those little incidents are getting seriosly harmful. He first suspected Gu Fan on doing this things because she was the only person who has the strongest motive to do so but the people he put on the Li household and the few people he put to watch her, told him that her action weren’t suspicious at all.

Then he investigate their rivals for both family and business but was left frustrated when nothing came up. He tried to cover it up, that is why Gu Jiao was not aware of them and won’t be harm, he thought this thing should be solve by him and he could let his little sister worry too much. This was the first major accident that really put him near deaths door.

During The incident, the first came to his mind was if Gu Jiao was also poisoned, when everyone was in panic, he saw that Gu Jiao was fine and was not poisoned like him, she was beside him when he lose his strength and was laying on the floor, she was clutching his hand with so much force indicating that she was fine, somehow even though he was suffering he felt relax.

He blame himself for being to lax in security, letting danger comes near to his sister, even though Gu Jiao was not poisoned like him, he still thought the what if part, what if it is Gu Jiao also was poisoned along with him or if the person who wants to poison him made a mistake and the one who suffered is Gu Jiao.

Li Jun was angry with himself, he can’t forgive this mishap. Looking beside him his heartache although he was to one who lays in the hospital bed with a pained stomach from being poisoned, his sister still suffered worrying about him. His heart was squeeze when he saw the tear escape her eyes while sleeping.

He lift her up even though he felt so weak and don’t have any strength at all, he let her sleep beside him on the hospital bed. He hug her and pat her back trying to coax thinking maybe he can feel it even in her dream that everything is already fine.

Gu Jiao stirred up from the movement and the light touch on her back, opening her eyes, she saw she was already on the bed and was being hug and pat by her brother. She lift her head, when she saw Li Jun’s pale face somehow she couldn’t help her tears to fall down and started crying, hysterical crying.

This was the first time in whole her life, both from the previous and the present, she saw a weak looking Li Jun. Seeing the machines that was attach to his body Gu Jiao breathing stop, her sobbing makes it hard for her to breath, her heart was being squeeze terribly . It hurts so much that her breathing was affected.

Gu Jiao was reminded that Li Jun was not invincible and was a human too. Vulnerable from danger, he maybe powerful and can protect himself from danger but their would still be a time that he would be helpless like this.

Gu Jiao can’t forgive herself for being too ignorant and selfish thinking only about herself and the outcome she was going to have in the future. Using Li Jun as an escape to the tragedy. Now that she thought about it, she was no different from her mother who was scheming for her benifits. And what was so different from the former life to this if she have those thoughts and was not sincere on being good with Li Jun.

Her brother was so good to her and took care of her like a Porcelain glass. How about her? She felt terrible inside, she hug Li Jun tightly as if afraid he would lose him completely and thought that if their action of rescuing him came a little late Li Jun would have died. 

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