Chapter 50



We’re entering the depress chapters where some may even question my sanity. Don’t worry I also question mine sometimes… Just a warning the next chapters would be very heavy to our heart and we’re quite depressing even for me. I also dont want to write them up and just continue on the fluff chapters but I have too… Guns are on head ready to go bang bang if I don’t write this… (T_T)

Dinner time…

Gu Jiao was busy taking care of the food. She was the one who cook their dinner. This is what she does when she visit Li Jun in the capital.

Everytime she visit she would cook for them, they would sometime eat outside but most of the time she cooks.

This have been her job every time she is here or she was with her brother. The cause of this was when one time they eat outside and Li Jun was poisoined, she was in panic and was crying hard when Li Jun was brought in the hospital barely alive. She don’t know what to do during that time.

Li Cheng was out of the country for business along with Gu Fan and can only return and be with them the day after. Li Wei can’t come because he was taking care of Li Qiang at home. No elder was available to go and be with them.

Gu Jiao was extremely worried she also don’t know how it happens she never thought that even in the capital Li Jun life would be in danger. She was not sure if its Gu Fans doing or their are still other enemy out their that she doesn’t know about.

In the past life, Gu Jiao was not close to Li Jun to know of such incident so she didn’t know much, if Li Jun also suffer like this before. She was extremely depressed not knowing what’s really going on. Not clearly sure who is the enemy, how many they were,or is it her mother’s doing too. She was also scared because if it’s her mothers doing then it would have been fine because she can still prevent other incident like this to occur and Gu Fan would leave some traces in doing this, she was not that skilled after all. But what if there are other enemy in the dark that she was not aware off.

Gu Jiao was no ignorant about their society. They were wealthy and influential, it attracts others to them as an ally, others approach them for some benifits but of course there will be people that who are black hearted that wants to full them down and harm them, riffing benefits taking them down.

She was scared that like she a small child who was in a dark forest walking without any light to use blindly walking and was not aware that there was already a predatory animal in front of her ready to eat her alive. She was like a defenceless rabbit in front of a tiger, that doesn’t have any weapon to resist the danger.

During that time only Wang Fang stayed with her. Wang Fang tried to investigate who did it. The people he have along with Li Juns were very capable and on top of their field but even them was not able to know who did it, they can’t even find a lead.

The whole ordeal that time was really like an accident and the enemy really left no trace. But Gu Jiao wasn’t really sure if someone is out there to harm her brother because during there dinner only Li Jun was affected and if really feels like an accident. But her gut feeling is telling her that it was not the case. Someone is out there trying to harm her brother or her family. Because it was suspicious that only Li Jun would be harmed while they are fine eating the same food.

She and Wang Fang are fine they eat the same food but she was stunned that only Li Jun has suffered from food poisoning. She was not sure why and how is that even possible.

Wang Fang investigated everything from the food they ate down to the silverware they used but no poison was detected.

Li Jun stayed at the hospital for overnight that time. When he woke up he saw Gu Jiao was sleeping beside him. While Wang Fang was sitting on the couch in front of him. When Wang Fang saw him stirred up he approached Li Jun by the bed, with a complicated look on his face.

They talked about what happen Wang Fang reported his findings to Li Jun. Wang Fang was so frustrated when he can’t find any lead on the incident. When he saw Gu Jiao crying hysterically from worry he felt so helpless, he wants to torture does who harmed his friend. 

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