Chapter 5


The house helper heard the noise and came out to greet them, Gu Jiao got off the car, Gu Fan made a quick introduction and they were considered acquaintance. Following Gu Fan, she entered the villa, changed her shoes, looking left and right like familiarizing herself with the environment, Gu Fan then pulled Gu Jiao suddenly up to the second floor while talking, pushed open a door to best room with a children themed princess design:

” Do you like it?”

“I like it a lot, “Who doesn’t know how to fake? Two can play your game! You know! (^o^)

GU fan ushered her to the bed and considerately peeled away the blanket: “You continue your rest. If you need anything or help just call the helper downstairs mother will also sleep for a while, at night mother will bring you out to eat.”


With a sigh, Gu Fan was about to speak but stopped…. What a child unenthusiastic, depressing, Gu Fan had lost her mood to sleep.

“Go you rest!”


Then she stood up and turned to leave. After a few minutes just before Gu Jiao is about to stand there was a knocked on the door, after giving permission. The door open and the helper came in. Holding a juice of fresh fruit while wearing a face full of gentle smile asked.

” Young miss would you like to take a bath?”

“Mm.” Gave a nod and a groan response claiming her agreement. Taking the juice and taking a small sip thinking that fresh fruit are still the best.

The nanny is a rather nice person, seeing the young miss a thin and wearing an old faded clothes a heartbroken emotion flashed past. She then immediately scrambles while saying:” Young miss wait here, I will go and prepare the hot water. And prepare you some clothes and good food.”

There is a bathroom right in the room, the bathtub inside was naturally very good as well, Gu Fan wanted to open Gu Jiao’s eyes to the world of luxury, so she had spent quite a fair bit of money, currently the closet was filled with many brand-name clothes, and the drawer was filled with various toys, she had even bought more than twenty pairs of small jewelry that would suits a girl her age, she had to be sure that Gu Fan would fall over in love, and work hard for this luxurious life.

Gu Jiao then took a bath by herself. The house helper keeps insisting on helping her she denied such thought.

Gu Jiao after entering the tub carefully and laying down slowly. She then closes her eyes savoring the hot water that barely reach the middle of the tub. The helper is such a thoughtful person able to make sure that the tub is not full as to not cause accident in case.

Gu Jiao then opened her eyes she recounts on what happen during the day, after being reborn a lot happened…

Gu Jiao slowly thought of what to happen next. If she wasn’t mistaken, she will stay in this house just after her school grade end. Then they would leave for the main house of the Li family and meeting my brother, father and grandfather Li…

Hmmmm… she still has months to think how to counter attack her mother. And think of some ways to get closer to her paternal family… Then after that, just after a few months of entering the door her mother would fall pregnant. Little Qiang would be born… Before that happens, I have to establish some relationships to those 3 men of Li family as for preparation of little Qiang birth.

Hmmmmm…. Gu Jiao decided she’ll hug the thick tie of her elder brother Li Jun! She’ll do any coaxing to this man to acknowledge her and little Qiang as family, as such she can only make sure that she’ll have a strong supporter would she be able to face her mother’s scheme head on… But right now she can only wait and prepare for the upcoming event…

Gu Jiao had only come out half an hour later, bathing sure is comfortable, she stretched her body, and her towel wrapped around loosely.

The helper was waiting right in her room, as expected by Gu Jiao, she had already prepared her clothes, seeing Gu Jiao’s thin but clean and refresh face she’s probably fine then she turned around and and got the clothes she prepared helping the young miss to dress.

Then the helper asked: “Young miss why don’t you rest know I’ll wake you up tomorrow early for you not to be late going to school.”

“Mm.” after hearing may response the helper then smiles. When she was all alone again, she jumps on the soft bed to sleep.

After a week passed, Gu Jiao continued her days uneventfully just that her poor ears are sprouting blood already cause of lies…. True to her thought Gu Fan pampered Gu Jiao incessantly making sure Gu Jiao will love beautiful and expensive things and making sure of feeding the poor little Jiao of tales of her supposedly suffering in the hands of Li Jun’s mother… EtcEtc (Ahem? To that right?)


[Author: Hey! Jiao’er can you still cope up?

Gu Jiao: Can we already skip… My poor ears are already bleeding just listening to her every day!

Author: hehe… Sorry can’t do they’ll be many loopholes if i did that!

Gu Jiao: you! Just so you wait! Hump! Then roll her eyes]


Gu Jiao is currently thin, and her skin is not good, yellow, no nourishment, the date that Gu Fan had planned with Gu Jiao was after several months later, naturally then she had to race against time to package up Gu Jiao into a clever, sensible, and well-mannered princess! She can’t let Li Cheng see that their daughter was left into this state, losing her hard-earned status… of kind and virtues….

In her previous life Gu Fan made sure all preparation is complete before heading off to the ancestral home the Li family. Making sure she looks acceptable that’s she is not suffering in malnutrition and lack of tender loving care…

While Gu Fan is being frantic on her plans, Gu Jiao just secretly and quietly observing everything like it has nothing to do with her… Just giving the occasional response as to not be caught…. ( ̄∇ ̄;)))( ((((;_⊿_)

There was this one time when Gu Jiao was called to Gu Fan’s room… There was this photo that is displayed above the chest drawer… Gu Jiao upon seeing it furrowed her brows Gu Fan lips curved seeing that her tricks are working making an oh sound and took a photo to her hands and touched it, like the precious thing on earth, the corners have already faded, the photos image is barely recognizable. In fact, this sincerity toward the photo is all fake please spare it or it may curse you… You’ll be ugly in an image all your life… Ψ(☆w☆)Ψ

Gu Jiao huffed under her breath and lament inside her heart you really cared about it, naturally you would hang it up, and keep it well, how could you allow the photo to become old and yellow barely recognizing the image?? Did you think this young miss is blind! I might be in an eight years old body but I’m already 25 inside! Excuse me! (ノ`□’)ノ⌒┻━┻


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