Chapter 5 Part 2

Visiting the Parents (Returning Home) Part 2


…… The next day 

Mo Jian Chen and Gu Yi Ning came to Gu Family in a carriage. The family master and his wife was already at the doorway waiting for their arrival. When the carriage stopped at the front of the house, the parents greeted and welcome him with joy. 

The first thing that came down from the carriage was Mo Jian Chen, and he get off from the carriage and turned around. He walked out gentlemanly prepared a hand take care of her. 

Gu Yi Ning was frightened and looked at Mo Jian Chen. She didn’t expect that this cold man to have such a thoughtful side. The small hand was gently put on Mo Jian Chen’s big hand. He took her hand and the warmth of his palm spread through Her fingertips. 

“Thank you…” Gu Yi Ning said shyly. 

“See the Eight Prince, Eight Princess!” Master Gu and his wife took them to the Gu Household after they gave them a salute. 

“Yi Ning! Are you already used to staying in the eight Wangfu these days?” The lady gently asked Gu Yi Ning.

If she remembers correctly… The concubine born ladies in those novels are not seen by this aunt, but the lady’s eyes were so concerned that she could not tell whether she was sincere or false.

“It’s alright…” Gu Yi Ning forced out a smile and looked at the lady beside her. 

“Is the Eight prince good to you?”

“Are you used to the food there?”

“if you encountered anything and was wronged, don’t keep it, tell me immediately!”

Gu Yi Ning’s ear is full of the lady’s inquire. The eyes were full of concern and sincerity, which made Gu Yi Ning feel surprised. She thought that because of her concubine born identity she would be kept to suffer, she did not expect them to treat her so well…. ..

“Mother made some sweet-scented osmanthus cake for you, let’s go to the backyard to eat and talk.” The lady said, and she took Gu Yi Ning to the backyard, and her eyes were full of joy after a long absence. 


After the dinner, Gu Family both and young stood up and slowly began to rest. Gu Yi Ning dragged her tired body into the room, grabbed a piece of osmanthus cake and stuffed it into her mouth, and picked up a new piece of osmanthus cake and stuffed it into the hand of the Shi Yuan: “Yuan’er, you should also go and rest!”

“Well, if miss needs anything, remember to call me.” The servant gave her a slight bow and retreated back quietly. 

After a while, the opening of the door broke through the silence in the room. 

“Don’t you have to rest it is already late? Or do you want to eat Osmanthus cake again? ” Gu Yi Ning thought that Yuan came back, and she didn’t think too much. Se said that while pouring himself a glass of wine.

There was no response, and there was a only silence that followed, only the sound of water pouring into the cup can be heard. 

Gu Yining subconsciously raised his head, but found that the one standing in front of him is not Yuan’er but….

Mo Jian Chen!

“Ah!” Gu Yi Ning was startled. The small hand holding the glass couldn’t help but shake a little. He lowered the glass in a panic and looked in front of him. ” Why did you come to my room? ” 

“We are husband and wife, can’t we be in the same room?” Mo Jian Chen leisurely raised his eyebrow.

“Can … “Gu Yi Ning cowardly looked at Mo Jian Chen, just standing in her place not moving, fearing that he would do anything outrageous and the like

Unexpectedly, he gradually walked up to in front of her, and his dark eyes looked straight at her. He was deep, like hiding endless secrets, let people feel mysterious. 

“You… what are you doing?” Gu Yi Ning looked at Mo Jian Chen, her small heart can not help but tremble a bit.

“Undress this Ben Wang’s wide-clothes.” Mo gradually took advantage of the situation. 

“Why on earth are you undressing? “Gu Yi Ning looked at him nervously, his eyes full of resistance.

“Sleep.” Mo Jian Chen said indifferently. 

“Your…… Sleeping next to me?” Gu Yi Ning distractedly looked at Mo Jian Chen, from childhood to adulthood, this would be her first time to sleep with a man in the same bed.

The man raised his eyebrows, slightly bent down the waist, and snorted while licking his lips, and an ambiguous breath slammed into her ear: “Otherwise… you want this Ben Wang to sleep with you?”( ML was hinting intimate action to FL)

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