Chapter 5 Part 1

Visiting the Parents (Returning Home) Part 1


Before Gu Yi Ning can fully react, Yun Xiang Qi already yelled and shouted: “Ouch! If Jie jie has any opinion on this sister, why should she make such a fool of this sister?” 

Looking at Yun Xiang Qi, this pretentious face, Gu  Yi Ning’s cannot help but fight back, “In the end who’s deliberately making a fool out of who? Lin Daiyu is not as weak as you, is he? “

[Lin Dai Yu – female character in The Dream of Red Mansions, cousin and thwarted lover of Jia Baoyu]

 Lin Dai Yu? There was a hint of curiosity on Mo Jian Chen’s face, but this soon quickly faded from his face, and everyone was not aware of it. He looked at Gu Yi Ning around, who is she? Not only are there no gentleness that people say she has, but also will say some strange words. 

 “Wang Ye ~” Yun Xiang Qi disturb Gu Yi Ning by making a noise, and he cried out to Mo Jian Chen. 

“That’s enough! When the scene is over, get up on your own. “Mo Jian Chen face was cold, cold ayes skimmed Yun Xiang Qi’s body quickly, and immediately looked at Gu Yining, parting his thin lips and was about to say something, but suddenly paused, the air became silent for a moment, a low voice entered to Gu Yi Ning ear:” You come with me. ” “

After Mo Jian Chen said that he then turned away from Zhi Yuan Pavilion, Gu Yi Ning pursed her small mouth, not willing to follow Mo Jian Chen. 

In the early spring, the wind was slightly had a touched of chillness, gently brush overs Gu Yi Ning’s cheeks and blowing her hair. She lowered her head and constantly fixing the wind-blown hair, but did not find Mo Jian Chen had stopped walking.

“Bang” a muffled sound, Gu Yi Ning defenseless hit Mo-Jian Chen’s chest. 

 “Can you say when you stop?” Gu Yi Ning complained and raised his head, but ran into the cold face of Mo Jian Chen, the inexplicable gas field on the man made Gu Yi Ning straighten up. 

 “Miss Gu, everyone said you are gentle and elegant. Why, when facing you the truth seems to be so inconsistent? “Mo Jian Chen looked at the Gu Yi Ning in front of him, who the hell is she?

“And, who is Lin Dai Yu?” Mo gradually asked. 

“You… yourself say it was someone else who said it, and you dare to believe this that was pass to ten then to a hundred thing? “Gu Yi Ning thought was somewhat unfathomable, can’t help but laugh over the face, these eight prince is really naïve.

 They were surrounded by silence, Gu Yi Ning seemed to feel a little strange. She turned over her head and lifted her head, but the eyes of Mo Jian Chen were full of disbelief to her, or… Should she tell him the truth? 

No way! If you told him that she is cross over from the future, he will not believe, and maybe she would be burned as a witch, that would be bad, Gu Yi Ning can’t help but look elsewhere, casually found a reason: “People change! You’re right, aren’t you? As for that Lin Dai Yu … It’s just a woman in a book, and Wang Ye doesn’t have to worry about it. “

“This Prince will believe you once.” Mo Jian Chen looked coldly at the woman in front of him, and he would like to see what does Gu Yi Ning really is playing at.

“Right… Is there anything that Wang Ye needs me for?” Gu Yi Ning looked curiously at Mo Jian Chen. 

 “Tomorrow… should you be ready to visit the parents?” Mo Jian Chen looked at the woman in front of him seriously. 

 “Tomorrow? Visiting the parents?” Gu Yi Ning looked at Mo Jian Chen with surprise. This is an era of is really old fashioned. She is really ignorant of the customs here. 

“Do you have any gifts that you want to bring back to your family?” Mo Jian Chen asked. 

“I don’t know, either …” Gu Yi Ning, looking blankly at Mo Jian Chen, “It’s good for you to decide …” 

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