Chapter 49


Li Jun was frowning his brow while intently looking at the little man in front of him. Gu Jiao was sweating coldly on the side˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚ while Li Qiang was smiling innocently at Li Jun( ◞・౪・) . Li Jun gave a look at Gu Jiao accusingly. 

Wang Fang who tagged along fetching Gu Jiao was also sweating coldly, when he saw the accusing look Li Jun gave Gu Jiao he nudge the person on his side. Gu Jiao look up to him and gave a pleading look asking for help( ‘•̥ו̥’ ). 

Wang Fang was dazzled by her cuteness and beauty, Gu Jiao was already in an age that shows some of her curve and graces, he was about to help her but when he turned his gaze to his friend he felt a chill down his spine looking at Li Jun’s cold bottomless dark eyes. He turned to Gu Jiao again and just gave a helpless shrug, you were the one who brought a trouble with you, you knew better than anyone else your big brother would be pissed to hell if you bring that brat along yet you still did it. (一。一;;)

Gu Jiao watching that shrug given to her by Wang Fang gave her a very bad premonition, looking at the accusing gaze she wants to cry but lack the tears. ( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥)

The four of them ride on Li Jun’s car and got home. Along the journey the silence was suffocating Wang Fang and Gu Jiao a silent war was issued.

Li Jun narrowed his eyes and gave a sharp glance on his side, then continued looking on the front and continued to drive. Gu Jiao’s back was sweating looking at the little child on her lap. Li Qiang was smiling sweetly on her. Gu Jiao really wants to cry buhuhu. ・゜・(ノД’)

Li Jun:”So old and was still seating on his sister lap. Aren’t you afraid you won’t grow up.”[Author: Never knew you were sarcastic….  Σ(゚Д゚)]

Li Qiang:”Oh so that’s why big sister didn’t grew up, she always sits on your lap.” 

Gu Jiao:”…..” vomits blood.

Li Jun:”Your sister is different… She is a girl but your a man you need to be independent and responsible, and you’ll make your sister’s leg go numb.”

Li Qiang:”I’m still a child not that heavy… And I’m not different with sister. Right sister?”

Gu Jiao:”Huh? What not different with me?”

Li Qiang:”I’m a boy in appearance but a girl at heart so I’m not really different with sister” smiling innocently. (∩_∩)

Gu Jiao:”….” so speechless she just smiled while a blood was slipping on her lips. When did this child turns so witty? Are you silently saying your gay? D@mn it! That can’t happen my cute little brother who is handsome as our father… NO! NO! NO! Gu Jiao laments in her heart. ( ̄ー+ ̄)

Wang Fang was keeping to himself on the backseat trying his harder not to laugh at there arrangement and antics, he was amaze on  Gu Jiao self seeking death action, letting her sis-con little brother seat on her lap beside the possessive sis-con big brother, her guts is really big… But Li Qiang was really daring for fighting Li jun head on, his courage is really big. He was really enjoying watching Gu Jiao’s misfortune.  So entertaining, when Wang Fang accidentally look at the rear view mirror he caught Li Jun looking at him with a sharp gaze giving him a chill to his spine. Hey I’m only watching what are so angry about? Wang Fang forcebly fix his self and just look at the window and innocently gives the vibe of ‘hey I’m an invisible man you can’t see me’. 

When they got home Wang Fang was already planning to slip away he was about to tell something when Gu Jiao gave him a pleading look not to leave her to fend for herself ( ‘•̥ו̥’ ). Wang Fang was torn between his instinct to survive and his conscience. Looking at her big teary eyes Wang Fang was defeated, he now understand why Li jun can never win against her.

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